Tre’s catching a case of the “Industry Blues” (Press Release)

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If one holds their breath long enough, then their face will start turning blue (visibility of which depends on the amount of melanin one has). For a white rapper like Tre, who has been plying his trade in the industry for almost a decade without a single radio hit, it’s easy to ‘catch the blues’ as he is still holding out. The blues as a musical genre is centered around the central theme of depression. If there ever was a time for the music industry to slump into depression, the current digital age would be it; which now seems to be past the point of economic recession.

Industry Blues is about Tre’s experiences since coming into the industry – from when he dropped out of his tertiary studies to pursue what many may deem as a fruitless dream. Although he hasn’t “made it” yet, Tre promises to keep grinding and is not about to let up. Industry Blues will be on Tre’s next album Get Up: All City Toy which is due for release in early 2017.

As Tre’s second single to be campaigned for national radio, this speaks of Tre’s tenacious nature despite his previous single Enough being play-listed on only one community radio station in South Africa. If at first you don’t succeed – you try again, lamenting that one must suck it up even if it means going blue in the face (of adversity).

Check out the Industry Blues snippet video.

Industry Blues has transcended musical single status and is now a conversation, in the form of a reality series on the Tre Channel on YouTube. The series is hosted by the surging Techno/TechHouse DJ KING//HER, who will also be releasing some musical projects via Tre’s label TNT Productions. You can watch KING//HER presents Industry Blues Episode 01 on the Tre Channel.





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Interview of KING//HER by Cola DJ Stibo on the Audio Empowerment Series called “African Inspired Dreams”.

The Techno, Tech House and Minimal DJ KING//HER who has become a mainstay feature on the Lavatory Records network, has now been featured on an exclusive interview which is hosted by Cape Town based DJ: Cola DJ Stibo.

This interview is for an African women empowerment initiative called African Inspired Dreams, which is an audio series on YouTube, where can listen/stream the African Inspired Dreams Interview featuring KING//HER.  #KingHerSlayed #KingHerFanClub

You can also follow African  Inspired Dreams on Facebook and Instagram . You can follow Cola DJ Stibo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Denzyl releases his duet called “Hate You Love You” featuring Tanya Morrison (Press Release)

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Polarities are the essence of a romantic dynamic between a man and woman. In pendulum-like fashion, the masculine and feminine energies can push the relationship to volatile extremes. One minute it is feelings of affection, appreciation and sweet sentiments; and then the next it is discord, spite and disdain. The encompassing sentiments are interchangeable and at times incongruent where reaching a balance is constant work. Hate You Love You by Denzyl, a Durban-based R&B singer, is a song that captures the tumultuous nature of such a relationship.

In this duet featuring songstress Tanya Morrison, the song encapsulates the highs and lows of a common theme that recurs in many relationships. The second official single by Denzyl seeks to follow the same path as his debut, titled Look Up. Look Up was playlisted across various radio stations such as RmR, Ubuthebe FM, Vibe FM, Siyathuthuka FM, All Time Radio and Mix 98.3. This single went on to claim the number 3 spot on the Zone Radio charts.

Look Up and Hate You Love You are both available on the Denzyl EP.

Denzyl is a Durban-born singer who grew up in a musical family, and was introduced to music at the tender age of five. He subsequently learnt to play the guitar in primary school and also played in his church’s band. Denzyl describes himself as a humble, open-minded and a highly fashionable person. His extremely sociable nature has led him to start an NPO called the Disabled Peoples Foundation, which offers help and encouragement to people with disabilities to live better lives.

To keep up with Denzyl, link up with him on his personal Facebook Account, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

You can also check out Denzyl’s interview with Lavatory Records, from earlier this year to learn more about him and his background.

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DrumPIPO Ensemble releases “Christmas In Africa” just ahead of the festive season..

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DrumPIPO Ensemble is an Afro Jazz band founded by Philip Sowah who is Ghanaian by birth and now based in Pretoria, South Africa. A multi talented act who have performed across the globe including Africa, Asia and America. Their sound is generally unique as an Afro Jazz genre.

The first album titled Dreams Come Alive was all over the international market on iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play and other digital download stores, which made a huge impact to the band’s fans and followers.

DrumPIPO Ensemble has just released a new album,  Christmas in Africa which is currently available on all major digital download stores and CDs can be ordered vie the DrumPIPO Facebook Page. You can check out the tracks on the latest album off their SoundCloud profile.

Philip Sowah proudly has this to say:

“This is the next big thing to happen in my entire career and I believe that this album will set a pace for many African musicians to follow…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you in advance!! “

X-Files Episode 06 by KING//HER is the final mix for 2016.

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Techno/TechHouse DJ  KING//HER brings us the final episode of the year called X-Files Episode 06. What a year it has been where the “queen” of the tech scene has put in some serious work and engraved herself as part of the Lavatory Records family!

In 2017 you can expect more X-Files and the very first episode of Slayed Selections: Season Two. Be sure to also check out the first season of Slayed Selections.




French rapper Alouatta doing it all his way

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French dungeon rapper, Aloutta , is from the Eighty-Eight Music label and stable mates with the likes of Yonea and Djamben. Interestingly, Alouatta (as a rapper) is a bit of an odd ball, considering the even numbered figures of his label. For all his virtue in thriving for simplicty, it can create complexity in this industry that is renowned for placing artists in a specific category or a box! One can also look at the point of departure of the man as rather peculiar, as he is not quite a music fan, but a fan of making music.

In this interview we had the chance to tap into his mind, and discovered what motivates him, his views and other things. Read on and make up your own mind, see if you can figure him out! Also you can check out his latest music video for his single Face Cachee.


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Uniekgrace remixes the “I’m A Suvivor” single

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Nigerian songstress Uniekgrace who has come into her own as a much traveled artist. This time she decided to retell her trials and tribulations of her original song, in the  newly released I’m A Survivor (Remix)!

 I’m A Survivor (Remix) by Uniekgrace  is produced by Mixmaster Garzy. Which is a Afro-fusion mixed with some electronic dance music. If you want to know more about Uniekgrace, read our interview with her from back in May.