The MAD album by Tre (discussion)

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A number of people may remember a publication from some decades ago, called MAD magazine. Started in the 1950s, the publication was known for its satirical approach to societal issues, chiefly the earlier adaptation of the entertainment industry through parodies. It is from this point of departure that we analyse the concept to Tre’s forthcoming release, therefore posing the question: has Tre gone Mad?

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“New Jack City” featuring Delite – taken off the “New Rap City” EP by Chron Burgundy & Huck Finn

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New Rap City; a collaboration project from Chron Burgundy & Huck Finn (co-founder of Run JHB). The concept behind this EP is set to take listeners on somewhat of a nostalgic trip down memory lane, as the project’s theme is based around mid to late 90’s movies.

The EP’s production was handled by OB-1, except for the bonus cut which had an unknown producer by take the board. The most we know about this unknown beat-smith is his name, Lenin. Could this be part reason they decided to unleash the “bonus” cut as the first single off the project? Generally, this tactic is not used. Perhaps the duo are looking to help promote Lenin with this marketing scheme?

Based on hearing the New Jack City single, listeners can surely expect a number of raps highlighting the trials & tribulations which have earned them the right to celebrate life, whilst maintaining the flamboyant and braggadocios bars. The EP is expected to have content touching on a lot of highs, with minimal lows. Various samples from the movies can be heard throughout the project, but it was kept to a minimum (which could be a good thing, if they wanted to keep music aspect of things).

This should be an exciting step in Chron’s career being this is his first collaboration project. Huck Finn has released a small online project with his brother Riky Rick. When asked to comment on why we did not see Riky’s name on the feature line up, Chron simply stated “We are our own artists. At no time do we want people to assume we need to ride on anyone’s wave. Perhaps in the future, we will get a 16 from Riky, but for now, we wanna show case, us”.

Expect to hear the full EP before the end of 2016, with no set date as yet. But, based on the track list being finalized, we can only assume it is ready to launch.

Follow Chron Burgundy & Huck Finn on twitter, to stay tuned for upcoming releases @chronburgundy & @HuckRunJHB. Catch the free stream/download of New Jack City feat. Delite” on the link below:

Areas and shades of Nikko Grey

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In this current climate of over-saturation, rappers are a dime a dozen and a commonality. So, the question becomes, how does one rapper differentiate themselves from the next? One may look at subject matter, where for some it is about the ostentatious lifestyle and living it up as a dream; and while for others it may be about their current reality and delving deeper into that. There are a lot of facets one can look at, to find ways to either fit in or go against the grain.

For Nikko Grey, “towing the line” is something he embodies. This US rapper comes across as very light-hearted, yet also has medical science ambitions – which shows a seriousness to him. So, for Nikko, the “areas of Grey” could either be about finding a balance, or be willing to mix up different elements (which is something he may have to embrace during his career).

We quizzed Nikko about his coming to being, his ambitions and what he has in store for music lovers among other things.

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Music Royalties in the “free” digital age


An interesting debate has since sparked, following the revenue creation through music royalties article that we published on the in June 2016. It’s a known fact that traditional radio and TV stations usually make money through advertising revenue and subscription fees. In all forms of media (print included), the assumption has always been that media communications,  as a service, were paid for by the consumer.

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However, the Internet era has presented independent artists with a variety of platforms to ply their trade on, with some being free. This is one of the reasons why social media as a free service, has become the most popular method for musicians to market their music and content.

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“Now Or Never” call out response by the homie: M!

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The Joburg based emcee named M  has responded! This response is off the backend of the local craze that was sparked by DJ Switch on the Now Or Never (Remix).  M’s effort on this call out is available for streaming on YouTube and  free download/streaming  of SoundCloud.

The young debutant in the game is flexing his skills, giving all bars with no submissions and no  help from features either.

If you are impressed and love what you hear from one of the newcomers of the year, make sure you get his rookie project entitled Son Of No One. You can also check out the interview we had with M from back in April.



Bars Over Bridges 2 by SLAP Battles

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The Bars Over Bridges 2 event will be happening at The Life Church, in Homestead Pennsylvania on the 19th of August, 2016. The event will start at 7PM, whereas doors open at 6PM. Check out the Facebook event page for more details.

The card to the event is as follows:

Holding On (3PFD) vs Giving Up (A. Ward)

Conviction (Street Hymns) vs Guilt (Zach Is Nobody)

Role Model (Assassinato) vs Self Centered (Kevlar)

Hope (Brasi) vs Despair (Drusuick)

Peace (Seize) vs Bitterness (MC Rally)

Tickets are available on Eventbrite