Marketing, Promotion and Management (M.P.M.) – Consulting Services


The challenge of the present day artist is to think from a commerce mind-set and thrive from entrepreneurialism. Lavatory Records recognises the struggle of artists being unsure of how to develop business acumen, thus the creation of services to help the artist along the journey with that. MPM services focuses on imparting knowledge through to the artist on a day to day scale, via constant and effective consultation.

Marketing and Management services focus onmarketing mix elements, which has five basic components: advertising, personal selling, public relations, direct marketing and sales promotion.

This service also offers, all artist relations consulting which include talent search, contract negotiation, interim artist management and development (unless the artist has other management), tour support and publicity. Advice on Artist & Repertoire; a general breakdown of Artist & Repertoire (A&R) responsibilities include scouting for talent, locating songs, pre-production functions such as providing creative input, scouting producers, planning budgets and other general management procedures.

The artist will then be fully equipped to deal with business demands of the industry by incorporating all these services, to their artistic repertoire.


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