Social Media Structuring (S.M.S.) – Consulting Services


Social media engagement and management, is a highly important tool with the online culture of marketing oneself over the internet. The integration of technology and the internet has become an integral platform for an artist to showcase themselves to a global audience, faster & easier than ever been before.

With the accelerated accessibility of a global market within the reach of artists, there comes the complexity with online business trends – especially in regards to social media and engaging with target audience and general public at large. How to coordinate the activities to support a “go to market” strategy and maintain a presence of their branding power, is embodied in this product.

Social media embodies all the advantages of advertising concepts as it’s wholly within the artist’s control, as per the messages and content they transmit to the general public. Within the process of social media engagement, the artist will thus protect their brand and engage their audience effectively and ultimately enhance their image.


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