“I’m an expressionist…” – Master Chef Toast Interview

The artist known to us Master Chef Toast is quite an intriguing person. He’s loved by some and yet not highly regarded by others. This comes with the territory when a person always speaks their mind and bares all his emotions for everyone to see. One thing about Chef Toast is that you GET IT ALL! The man who gave us his rookie offering in 2012 called Street Recipe, is always working at his vlog series called “Feel at home with Chef Toast”. This is a YouTube series which features up and coming artists who are not on any “radar” in the industry.

Master Chef Toast (Left) and the late Glen$itho (Right)

Master Chef Toast (Left) and the late Glen$itho (Right)

Born Thomas Kgampi Mphahlele in Ga-Mphahlele village, Limpopo province (“Lim-proper” as he likes it to be known as), recently had a chat with Thato Keikelame, the Founder/Managing Director of Lavatory Records. The interview in its entirety can be accessed via the Lavatory Records TV channel.

During the interview, Master Chef Toast was asked as to how he got his moniker, to which he replied “I honestly don’t know”! This is one moment in the interview that stands out because in essence, a chef has to come up with a variety of dishes and cook from “the heart”! Chef Toast has clearly “mastered” his ability to give raw emotions (ingredients) with “a taste of maturity”. He’s a fine connoisseur when it comes to blending all elements (songwriter, recording artist, performer, video editor, show host, truth seeker and all round entertainer) into his craft, for which he said, “I’m just human” after all.

When asked if he will ever delve into battle rap and take a battle again, he simply stated that he’s focused on music right now and feels “I have killed everybody (laughing)” that he has battled, in his opinion.  That is a debate for the masses, as all his battles are available for viewing. However, he did say that a return to the ring will depend on who the opponent is and when it will be. Music will always be his first love and priority.

Master Chef Toast also opened up on being dubbed on the streets as “rap’s Julius Malema”. In his cyber rants via social media, he’s given his take on sometimes being “misunderstood” and admitted to speaking out of anger at times. However he does not apologise for feeling the need to speak his mind, when he feels that something needs to be said, he will say it. “I’m an expressionist…Julius Malema is the same” as he simply describes it.

He also gave his take on the need for artists to take the onus upon themselves to get their craft out there, as the days of record labels doing that for an artist “are gone”.  On a much more personal note, Master Chef Toast shared his feelings on having to complete his musical journey without his close friend and producer Glenney “Glen$itho” Madonsela (may his soul rest in peace).

Master Chef Toast (left) with the late Glen$itho (right), during the promotion for the

Master Chef Toast (left) with the late Glen$itho (right), during the promotion for the “Street Recipe” debut album.

His sophomore release A Taste of Maturity will be released on April 5 2015. He says this project is a reflection of his musical progression, growth and “coming of age” as a man. A taste of maturity has features from B-Mag, Quaint the artist, Komishner to name but a few.

Thanks Master Chef Toast for taking the time out to have a word with us. Follow Master Chef Toast on Twitter @cheftoast, Facebook and subscribe to his YouTube channel to stay updated on his moves.


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