Zach Is Nobody…without Christ

Born and raised in the south (of the United States), Zach moved to the Midwest almost 2 years ago. He earned his black belt in karate when he was only 10 years old! His athleticism led him to play basketball in high school and run track every year. Zach also played football freshman year (first year of high school), and then switched to cross-country the last three because of the coaches. This worked out better for him though, because as fate would have it, he received a scholarship for cross-country. God had a plan for him!

Zach qualified for his undergraduate degree in Sound Design with a minor in Film and Television, and later got his master’s degree in Master of Divinity.

This college educated rapper was bitten by the music bug very early on in his life. Known as “Zach is Nobody” in the battle rap scene, Zach is a multi-syllabic and an energetic performer (thanks to his days as a cross-country runner).


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Master Chef Toast Apparel


The chef of the streets has served his array of clothing for us to enjoy! Master Chef Toast who was recently interviewed by Lavatory Records, has presented us with his range of thinking caps and T-Shirts,in promotion of his latest release A Taste Of Maturity.

Chef Toast Wear (Thinking Caps - W) Chef Toast Wear (Thinking Caps - Female) Chef Toast Wear (Thinking Caps)

Support Master Chef Toast and click here to purchase the Chef Toast Wear. In the spirit of street entrepreneurial ventures, we hope to see the Chef Toast brand keep growing and expanding.

To Pimp A Butterfly vs. Barter 6 – Dichotomies of Album buzz creation

These days in the music industry, the catch phrase “to create a buzz” is commonly heard as a public relations exercise before a big premiere. This pertains to being able to stay in the mind of the general public and remaining relevant, before the release or during the newness of a project/album.  As a musician, there is the model of “if you are good, become not only but best”, which may work with or against “any publicity is good publicity” argument. With Kendrick Lamar and Young thug, both having album releases within weeks of each other, Lavatory Records attempts to analyse the approaches of both these respective artists. Continue reading

Spectre puts on many hats and a spectacle; The Vaal Hip Hop Festival


From making music to battling, and even organising and promoting shows, Spectre is one busy man within the local hip hop scene. This man embodies the totality that is required at grass roots level to be a “complete emcee”.

Spectre, real name Nkululeko Mbatha, exhibits a can-do buccaneering spirit and the ability to invest in the unknown. He talks about how important it is to be able to think on one’s feet, both professionally and as a rapper. Spectre also delves into how he started the VHHF (Vaal Hip Hop Festival) and discuses the successes thereof.

It is always a pleasure for Lavatory Records to converse with multi-talented (hint: Spectre was a highly regarded sportsman) and multi-faceted individuals, who exemplify “getting it done” despite circumstances that are deemed insurmountable.

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The Drug Cartel by Falcone

Our recent feature Falcone has released a single called The Drug Cartel, as a lead to his forthcoming release entitled Too Many Chiefs.

The Making of The Drug Cartel talks about what the song is about conceptually. The single features Chron Burgundy and Nic Blaze, was  produced by Falcone, then mixed and mastered by Maxwell “Uni Verse” Melow” from TitusTrack Entertainment.

Please check out The Drug Cartel.

Don V: The Face Of A Soldier


Hailing form Tembisa, i.e. “the 1632” as rapper Don V affectionately refers it as, when he introduces himself with great vehemence and ferocity before his battles. The man formerly known as Don Volatile is renowned for his aggression and stage presence when battling. He took the time to chat with us at Lavatory Records about his take on battle rap, music, the industry and about his crew ATP (Audio Timeless Productions). He also explained the reasons behind his name change to the current moniker, “Don V”.

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Paragon breaks the silence

“What’s in a name”? An age old question that points to human’s fascination with history along with, “where are we from?” and “is there greater purpose” behind our existence. In response to these questions, ambitious rapper Rosswell Melow gives us a break down of who he is and what his pseudonym and artist alias ‘Paragon’ means to him.

Following the release of his mixtape, Breaking The Silence, Paragon chronicles his-story and HISTORY. Many would attest that being an “emcee” encompasses the ability to speak your truth in rhythm and in rhyme. Emceeing is about the art of storytelling, which is why rappers such as Slick Rick, KRS-1, Rakim, Nas and Big Daddy Kane have been renowned and highly revered as some of the best in this craft.


In this exclusive interview, Paragon gives Lavatory Records his take on the music industry, talks about his progression as an artist and his stable TitusTrack Entertainment and so much more…

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