Chron Burgundy presents: Play By The Rules


After releasing #Sandcastles in early 2014, Chron Burgundy is back with a follow up project. Chron (previously known as Foul-Play to some), went right back in the studio and worked on his much anticipated second solo offering, titled Play By The Rules.

Play By The Rules was released on the 29th of May 2015. Unlike #Sandcastles,  Play By The Rules has very minimal features but notable appearances are made from Nic Blaze (who featured alongside Chron on Falcone’s single: The Drug Cartel) , Rawtek, Chron’s band-mates from the group Sounds Intense; Paragon and Uni-VERSE –  who brought you the Money In The Bank single, as well as Slyme (a renowned battle rapper on the Scrambles 4 Money battle circuit).

Chron Burgundy’s interview with Lavatory Records will be out on  the 8th of June 2015! Look out for that interview and  in the mean time, please stream or download Play By The Rules.


Vaal Hip Hop Fest Preview (2015)


The Vaal Hip Hop Festival (VHHF) for 2015 will be happening on the 30th of May at Salsa, located on 24 Karin Muir Street Unitas Park, Vereeniging, Gauteng. Please visit the events page on Facebook for more details.

The event was organised by our recent interviewee Spectre, who has impressed us with the inclusion of an event program, whereas each  performance is scheduled and allocated a time-slot. That’s testament to his professionalism, something that is sorely needed at grass roots level events catered for up-and-coming acts, especially within Hip-Hop.

In case you don’t know much about the Vaal Hip Hip Fest, check out the VHHF 2014 highlights package to see some of  the happenings of last year’s event. Please check out all the promos for VHHF 2015  on other recent feature; Master Chef Toast’s YouTube channel and playlist.

A special notice and change to the flyer as above is that the “D.Virgo vs TKO” battle will not be taking place anymore. Another emcee to feature here Don V, will also be in action as well as ImproPoe and Slege Lee.

Be safe on the roads on your way there and back home, do not drink and drive! Stay safe and Lavatory Records wishes all parties involved in the event, all the best!

In studio mixing it up with Peter Khanda


Being the first one to get to the studio and being the last one to leave is all in day’s work for Sound Engineer Peter Khanda, from the beginning of a recording to the post–production stages.

The mode of business for Peter has been projects and having to actively look for opportunities out there, which is the very nature of being a freelancer and entrepreneur. Peter’s young career already has him doing gigs for corporates and legendary artists in the game. From mixing, recording and mastering, to setting up, recording and mixing live shows.

In this interview Peter fills us in on the responsibilities in his profession.

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“Bars Over Bridges” event by SLAP Battles (August 14 2015 – Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania)

If you are in the Pittsburgh (USA) area on the 14th of August 2015 and are a battle rap fan, please check out the Bars Over Bridges event flyer by SLAP Battles.

The card features our recent interviewee  Zach Is Nobody, who will be battling at the event. Also watch the Bars Over Bridges Matchup Announcement via the SLAP Battles Youtube Channel.

Get your tickets here online from Eventbrite for the event

Building baselines and basslines: the Vuyani Wakaba story

“Go wherever the wind blows…” is a story many musicians can relate to, as going on the road and being nomadic is all part of the journey for many. The “city of wind”, a common alias for Chicago Illinois – due to its ever forceful chilly breeze – befittingly became home to Vuyani Wakaba and his family.

This well-travelled bass guitarist, who considers himself an instrumentalist, has always had a penchant for picking up bass lines. Vuyani gave Lavatory Records an exclusive interview, which is another ground breaking feature for us. This is a testimony that there is a slice for everyone in this big pie – that is called the entertainment industry. Even as a sideman, with a relatively laidback role, you are still an independent contractor who is an important cog in the works. Support functions are an integral role in the whole “symphony” despite the spotlight being mainly on the vocalist (as the modern day conductor).

Vuyani tells us of how he can see building structures by day and hear musical structures by night. The bass sets the tone and rhythm, before adding other musical pieces and instruments – in the same way a building needs the foundation structures, before adding the material drapes over the base structure.

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The Kris Antonym Tape by Graham Hunter


Download or stream The Kris Antonym Tape by Graham Hunter. This is Graham’s debut studio album and signifies his coming of age as a solo artist.

The album was released on the 9th of May 2015.

“It was a long time coming and a lot of work, but it’s a dude’s debut tape! Just a stepping stone in the direction in which we’re going in! It’s intended as just a light-hearted introduction to the darker and heavier, also ‘poppier’ stuff to come” – Graham Hunter

Keep your eyes on the website to catch Graham Hunter’s interview and don’t forget to stream and/or download The Kris Antonym Tape .

Body Of Proof by ImproPoe


Download Body Of Proof by ImproPoe from Rap/Hip Hop crew: Revivolution. The album was released on the 28th of April 2015.

ImproPoe who will feature in the weeks to come on the Lavatory Records site, was intent on putting his lyricism on show on this project. He had this to say when asked as to why listeners must get the album:

Doesn’t matter what type of rap you do….FEAR ME! Whoever you are rapper, just realise that you are not the best. I AM!” – ImproPoe

Keep your eyes out for the ImproPoe interview and don’t forget to download or stream the Body Of Proof tape. 

Triple-threat Nicole Fortuin is on cue!

This interview is particularly ground breaking for Lavatory Records as we continue to unearth untold stories. Our feature, Nicole Fortuin is a dancer and actress, who mostly regards herself as a “performer and creative” due to her versatility and multi-talented capabilities. Her dynamism is exhibited by her personally envisioned production We Are Ours, which can be viewed on her YouTube channel.

Dance embodies the ability to take on roles using technical poise, grace and supple-flexibility through physical extensions of the body. This requires rigorous practice and recitations to play characters, without the aid of verbal communication and expression. Hence, it should be no so surprise that Nicole was able to seamlessly transit into acting.

Music as the common epicentre, between dance and film productions alike, brought about this showcase of Ms Fortuin to illustrate the inter-connectivity of entertainment at large. As she is also the first female feature on the Lavatory Records publication, this interview is ground-breaking and pioneering in more ways than one.

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Money In The Bank by Sounds Intense


Download the new single called Money In The Bank by Sounds Intense.

Sounds Intense comprises of TitusTrack Entertainment trio Uni-Verse, Chron Burgundy and our recent feature Paragon. The artwork for the Money In The Bank single was done by our other recent feature Falcone, who also featured Chron Burgundy on his single The Drug Cartel.

Chron who has agreed to feature on the Lavatory Records site for an interview in the forthcoming weeks, had this to say regarding the Money In The Bank  single: 

“It’s not what people are expecting to hear, but it’s what people wanna hear…” – Chron Burgundy

Be on the lookout for the Chron Burgundy interview, coming soon!

Tre breaks it all down!

If anyone has heard the song “9 Elements” by KRS-ONE off his release, Kristyles; he breaks down the elements of Hip Hop. KRS-ONE makes a profound mention of kids growing up in white suburbia when he says:

“Skaters, BMX bike-riders rock

Don’t you ever stop! You are hip-hop

You doing the same things we did on our block in the suburbs

You know you be packing that black block…”

This quote serves as an ode that hip-hop is now a composite of diverse sounds and welcomes the contribution of white rappers into it. The common infusion of “Rock and Roll” has borne the emergence of “Rap-Rock“, since the inception of acts like The Fat Boys, The Beastie Boys, Kid Rock, Eminem and other similar fair-skinned contributors. It is commonly accepted that the trend started with Run DMC’s collaboration with Aerosmith back in the 1980s.

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