Vaal Hip Hop Fest Preview (2015)


The Vaal Hip Hop Festival (VHHF) for 2015 will be happening on the 30th of May at Salsa, located on 24 Karin Muir Street Unitas Park, Vereeniging, Gauteng. Please visit the events page on Facebook for more details.

The event was organised by our recent interviewee Spectre, who has impressed us with the inclusion of an event program, whereas each  performance is scheduled and allocated a time-slot. That’s testament to his professionalism, something that is sorely needed at grass roots level events catered for up-and-coming acts, especially within Hip-Hop.

In case you don’t know much about the Vaal Hip Hip Fest, check out the VHHF 2014 highlights package to see some of  the happenings of last year’s event. Please check out all the promos for VHHF 2015  on other recent feature; Master Chef Toast’s YouTube channel and playlist.

A special notice and change to the flyer as above is that the “D.Virgo vs TKO” battle will not be taking place anymore. Another emcee to feature here Don V, will also be in action as well as ImproPoe and Slege Lee.

Be safe on the roads on your way there and back home, do not drink and drive! Stay safe and Lavatory Records wishes all parties involved in the event, all the best!


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