Graham Hunter: Hunted and now settled

Lavatory Records

“Look mom, no hands!” – a catch phrase that stood out on Graham Hunter’s debut release: The Kris Antonym Tape. With that statement, off came the training wheels and Graham Hunter is ready to ride freely!

From the city of J-Sec aka Johazardousburg; like Johannesburg, Gauteng – Graham has gone by a few aliases on these streets. With having to change identities, re-branding – or whatever one my call it, the importance of a name is for an artist to feel comfortable in their own skin.

With Graham now riding it solo since the DANC days, he has certainly come into his own (literally) and is still wearing his last name proudly. Without the need to feel like he needs to represent anything or anyone else (the streets, moral/social up-liftment championing or a crew), he is finally free to pursue his creativity and DO HIM!

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Back to Love by Nubia Soul

Lavatory Records

Download the new single by Nubia Soul called Back To Love featuring Ocean Deep via CD Baby , iTunes and Amazon (to be announced). You can also stream the song on SoundCloud and YouTube. The song was released on Friday the 26th of June 2015.

Elnathan Sidu is a singer, a poet and a songwriter who goes by the artist name of Nubia Soul. Due to Nubia Soul’s descendant background from Southern Africa tracing to the Northern parts of Africa, she has embraced her diversity as an African child. Nubia Soul has released her debut album in May of 2013 through her singing, spoken word of poetry and blogging about the continent’s pride, riches, wealth, moral values and culture (which of all have faded away throughout the course of history). She is sounding the call as Nubia Soul for all Africans to embrace and accept who and what they are in their land.

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The making of the Hol’ Up music video by Tre

Lavatory Records

After his release Break It Down, our recent feature Tre who was interviewed by Lavatory Records during the month of May, has now followed up with his new single called Hol’ Up!  The song will be released on iTunes and other digital stores soon.

Tre is currently showcasing  the making of Hol’ Up music video via his YouTube channel.

DSC02414 DSC02418 DSC02419

Be on the lookout for the release of Hol’ Up single and the music video, both coming soon! Lavatory Records will keep you up to date on that development. In the mean time check out the making of Hol’ Up , download his other single Break It Down and read the interview we had with Tre.  While you are reading, please check his website out! 

Submerging and delving deep into Drum & Bass with Submatik

Not everyone is akin to the nuances of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or aware that there are sub-categories in this genre, which is a mainstay and phenomenon across all dance-floors on the European continent especially.

Drum & Bass is a sub-genre in EDM, which some may know as jungle music that is characterised by up-tempo beats and heavy bass. This is the domain where Submatik, a Drum and Bass duo from Germany ply their trade in.

Oscar Oomens and Philip Dakowitz, the duo known as Submatik, were kind enough to school us about the Drum & Bass genre. They also gave us their take on the dynamics within the industry and how they found their sound within EDM and much more.

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Lavatory Records: Identity is more than just a name

Lavatory Records

In recent times and since the inception of Lavatory Records, many have been particularly intrigued by the choice of name that is “Lavatory Records“. Self-admittedly, when choosing this name – I fully was aware of the “shock factor” it would induce upon people hearing or seeing it. One of the reasons I liked the name,  was the “in your face” factor it carried. The name was coined around 2005/ 2006, my understanding of branding at the time was that a good brand has the ability to stay in peoples’ minds. This was when I was just cutting my teeth as a rapper, and had hardly come up with an alias for myself. Now we are in 2015, the question is – why did I choose to KEEP the name Lavatory Records?

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MC Jin at Slap Battles Event: Bars Over Bridges

Lavatory Records

Catch the legendary freestyle battler and recording artist MC Jin at the Bars Over Bridges event!

Jin who was known for his battles on BET and Fight Klub,as well as more notably for being signed by Ruff Ryders at some stage before parting ways with the label. He will be performing songs mainly of his latest album entitled XIV:LIX. Catch the Bars Over Bridges Musical Announcement trailer on the Slap Battle’s YouTube channel.

Bars Over Bridges will also feature our recent feature Zach Is Nobody, who will be battling that evening of the 14th of August, 2015. 

Sling Short stretches and catapults to over-see unification in the name of Hip Hop

With hip-hop’s entire obsession with the “finer things in life” – the bling-bling, fancy cars, hot women and stacks of cash notes flying around – these images are what have become synonymous with rap and hip-hop music. It is rather refreshing to see another side to the music – the socially conscious aspect.

Sling Short is one of the emcees that have seen a gap and decided to flip the coin and bring that other side of hip-hop/rap to the industry. Earning the name Papa Slinga Linga, is down to the respect he has been able to ascertain from his days of battle rapping in the streets of Johannesburg. The streets have needed to turn to an elder, who better but a self-made man, who exemplifies social responsibility, enterprise and great work ethic? His tenured dedication to hitting cypher/freestyle spots, development of the craft and embodiment of collaboration has endeared himself to many within the community. This lead to him being featured by artists such as Hymphatic Thabs and the late Robo The Technician (may his soul rest in peace), and regular performances at numerous events across the city.

The man known by day as Tiro Dire was born and raised on the streets of Pimville Zone 5 in Soweto. Sling Short is a founding member of the group Assylum TrRribe and renown as an astute battle emcee with a style that infuses consciousness, with a hard-core lyrical delivery.

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Chron Burgundy holds it down!

Lavatory Records

“Hold it down!” – was the projected and exclaimed command Chron Burgundy gave to the chatty, restless crowd. The phrase that he’s now known for, was initially coined during his days when he officiated and did the time-keeping for the now dormant Art of War battles league.

Chron always ensured rappers “played by the rules” by keeping it ‘official’. This has now transcended into his raps/music and “hold it down” for local hip-hop heads. He’s still calling fouls (expletives), although he’s no longer known as “Foul”. He was also a contributing writer for the South African hip-hop publication Hype Magazine, some time ago. This experience may have contributed to making him the “Ron Burgundy” (a movie character played by Will Ferrell in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) of hip-hop – the Anchorman who holds the show down. Though his style is not based as far back as the 1970s – Chron still keeps it “old school”.

The man who dropped his first solo project #Sandcastles in 2014, serves as one-third of the group, Sounds Intense. The group released their single Money In the Bank on the 8th of May 2015.  Chron took time out to speak with Lavatory Records about his journey into hip-hop, the change of names, TTE (TitusTrack Entertainment) and much more.

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