Ray Mupats – the “Ray” of light for a united Africa


Ray Mupats is an African musician who encompasses unity and cross collaboration within music. Born in Zimbabwe to a Zambian father and a Portuguese mother, he now calls South Africa his home and has established his enterprise through HMI Entertainment.

The angst recently felt within South Africa due to increased tension between foreign immigrants and the local population, has been the subject of news headlines. It is always pleasing that this stigma is not evident within the South African music scene. This will only lead to cross collaboration with many other artists on the continent that walk in the same light as “Ray”, inspiring change and tolerance from within towards a more functional Africa through music.

Just like his diverse beginnings, he was able to establish HMI in the same vein as a multi-faceted organisation, which consists of HMI Records, HMI Model Agency and HMI Radio. Ray has also been a mentor to Tre and also recently worked with Boss Brain Entertainment artist Yinks, who have both been previously interviewed by Lavatory Records.

Lavatory Records: Apart from the information that is publicly available about you, how would you describe Ray Mupats?

Ray: I would describe myself as a visionary, a humanitarian and an Artist.

LR: For the benefit of those who are not familiar with your music, describe it for us.

Ray: My music is taking future sounds fusing it with regular sounds. My main aim is to create music that impacts one’s feelings.

LR: Forests or Trees? Meaning, are you bigger-pictured focused or more detail orientated?

Ray: A bigger picture is what I’m painting while we can’t really miss details. My main objective in what I do is to transform lives, and impact the world.

LR: Which artists and producers have been inspirations to you?

Ray: That would be Pharrell Williams and Will I Am.

LR: The internet is changing the dynamics of the music industry, where do you see the direction of the music industry going based on these changes?

Ray: Technology has opened a lot of opportunities for the music industry, but it came with its share of challenges. We’re going to a point where music is accessible to everyone, and the question is will the artists get rewarded for their work?

LR: Tells us about your new single “Gold-digger”, how does it resonate with your personal experience?

Ray: Gold-digger is basically a fantasy song; I call it the song of escape. The world has become too real with calamities, so when I wrote the song Gold Digger (Rich and Famous) it is about wishes of an average young man.

LR: Of any artist dead or alive, which artist would be a dream to collaborate with?

Ray: The all departed 2pac, Bob Marley and Brenda Fassie.

LR: We recently interviewed Tre, who regards you as his mentor. What was it about his talent that made you decide that you want to take him under your wing?

Ray: Tre is the future.  His passion is the only drive…for that he inspires me.

LR: You’ve got other business ventures apart from the music, tell us about them.

Ray: Yes I do have a few businesses set up. HMI is an entertainment company I co-own as well as a Restaurant, amongst other investments.

LR: What has your general experience of the South African music industry been like?

Ray: It has been fair, and the competition is steep. I just wish it grows from where it is, because at the moment there is no space for everyone. South Africa has a lot of musicians…especially within hip-hop. The world might be confused to think we only have 10 rappers in SA, as the media only focuses on those very few rappers. That’s just my opinion.

LR: Lavatory Records is a solutions-driven organisation and not a traditional “record label”. Do you think there’s potential for such a business to thrive in the current music economy, particularity in regards to management solutions and revenue streaming for artists?

Ray: Definitely, we can do with fresh ideas; we need fresh innovation as music is a business.

LR: What future projects or events should we look out for from you?

Ray: Gold-digger video is dropping soon, and working on a number of singles.

LR: Any special mentions you want to shout out?

Ray: Shout out to Deck burner, DJ Macco, Tre, Kimz Beats, DJ Funn, Bolo Jay, Yinks, Morris Blacks, Bliss Capcity, Ova Doza, HMI Records, BossBrain Entertainment, Hustle dog, Sossa and #TeamRayMupats worldwide.

A Special shoutout to my brother Marvin “Demar” Warden who is a producer and rapper based in Capetown.


Rapper/producer Marvin “Demar” Warden

We thank Ray for taking time to talk to us. To keep up with his latest developments follow him on his Facebook Page, Twitter: @raymupats and his website.


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