Home Made by Master Chef Toast

Lavatory Records

 Master Chef Toast has released his latest project entitled Home Made on DropboxSoundCloud and AudioMack which is available for free download and stream. The project was released on Monday the sixth of July 2015. 

After releasing his sophomore release entitled A Taste of Maturity in April of this year, Master Chef Toast continues to exhibit his growth and coming of age. Once again and vintage of Chef Toast, he speaks from the heart in poignant and moving fashion. On this project there’s plenty of biblical reference and bringing his own experiences along with the said parables, using clever storytelling based on conceptual play. Included  is the Home Made (Recipe Book) in PDF format, as his modern testament of his journey to become the self(home)-made (D.I.Y. : do it yourself) chef of Hip Hop music. 

So as our readers to not get lost in interpretation (and translation) – Lavatory Records has decided to embark on the first follow up interview of it’s publication, we will be interviewing Master Chef Toast again. The interview will be available in the month of August 2015.

In the mean time get Home Made on DropboxSoundCloud and AudioMack. In case you missed it, check out our first interview with  Master Chef Toast.


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