Miss T: The vivacious Kasie FM content producer

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Radio is one of the most common mediums through which audiences discover new artists or become familiar with their favourite artists’ music. It’s therefore no surprise why many musicians seek to rock the air waves and listeners just the same. Artists know that getting air play on radio signifies the mass appeal of their artistry, which is a plus when it comes to selling records and garnering huge audiences at their live shows.

However, there’s more to radio than just the crusade for the coveted “most played record” title. There’s also competition between radio stations to deliver the most relevant and compelling content to their listeners. This is where different individuals involved behind the scene in radio play vital roles in ensuring that their radio stations stay relevant. Thato Hlatshwayo is one such person.

Thato is a young lady who’s cutting her teeth as a content producer at Kasie FM, and can vouch that creating content for radio is not a child’s play. In this information age where almost anything is available at a click of a mouse, it’s important for radio stay current by providing up-to-the-minute news, traffic reports, live interviews, sporting updates etc. Considering that time is money on radio, the content has to be accurate and comprehensive in nature but also condensed and summarised.

Known as “Miss T” in her turf, Thato spoke to Lavatory Records and gave us an account of her day-to-day life on radio, the changes within the scene and other insights that are important to her as a content producer for radio.

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IMF Volume 1 release and list of credits!

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It’s finally upon us – Friday the 28th of August, where you can finally download and stream the International Mixtape Franchise Volume 1 via Audiomack and Datpiff.

Special Mentions to DJ International Wigg, for the co-sign and helping to push the IMF Movement. You can follow him on Twitter: @djwigg

DJ Chronic for the help on the audio engineering and mixing on the tape! He came through in a big way for us. You can follow him on Facebook.

Shout out to these various contributors and DJs on the skits: C-Styles from the Coke Boys(USA/Nigeria),  Dj That Naledi (SouthAfrica),Dj Faisca (Angola) ,Dj Deck Burner (#Nigeria) and Dj Bleed (Germany).

Shout out to Boss Brain Entertainment for the hard work, the network and all round being great partners. Get them on Facebook and on Twitter: @BossBrainEnt.

All importantly – the artists who contributed to the tape and TeeMan Chaser for the IMF Vol 1 cover artwork too. A big thank you and eternal gratitude from us at Lavatory Records.

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Home Made Clothing by Master Chef Toast

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Get the latest range of Master Chef Toast gear called Home Made Clothing. This the latest range of the Master Chef Toast Apparel as previously advertised here on Lavatory Records

© 2015 Home Made Clothing (HOmeLY ROBE) Lavatory Records Lavatory Records

Be on the lookout for the Master Chef Toast follow up interview, where he chiefly discusses his latest musical project called Home Made. That interview will be published on Monday the 14th of September.

Until then check out the first interview with Master Chef Toast and check out the range of Master Chef Toast Apparel and his latest range Home Made Clothing

Pretty So Slim (mixtape) by Inferno Williams

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Download or Stream the Pretty So Slim mixtape by Inferno Williams from the Revivolution clique.

Also be on the lookout for the Inferno Williams interview with Lavatory Records in weeks to come. This would make Inferno the second feature out of the Revivolution stable after his band mate ImproPoe graced our platform.

Till then, check out the Pretty So Slim available for download and streaming.

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Pretty So Slim (Back Cover)

Concord: Live In Joburg, South Africa (DVD)

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Purchase Concord Nkabinde’s first ever concert on DVD! As explained on the DVD itself, it is uncommon practice that artists would dare to ever record their first performance. Against the standard practice and convention, Concord decides to dare it and put it all on the line and on record.

This decision would culminate into a remarkable and memorable event that took place at Bassline in Newtown, Johannesburg. The musical showcase which was recorded for the DVD format is entitled Concord: Live In Joburg, South Africa.  Concord Nkabinde had special guest features with Louis Mhlanga on guitar and Gloria Bosman on vocals.

If you want to purchase this DVD send en email to concord@concordcreativity.com or an inbox message to Concord’s Facebook Account and Artist Page. If you purchase the DVD and are in Gauteng, you may just get the opportunity to meet Concord Nkabinde in person. Everywhere else in the world, postal charges would then apply. 

Don’t forget to also check out Concord’s interview with Lavatory Records.

The Dawn of “Nuune”

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The art of emceeing, from its inception, has been renowned with masculinity. From emcees speaking with a thundering bass, to barking instructions to an audience to “put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care”; the vehement unequivocal centre of manliness and male dialogue epitomises the genre of music that is hip hop. However, as the music has evloved we’ve seen female emcees come into the game and add a bit of sweetness and spice. Ms Jalettua Nuune is one such artist who brings the softer side of the spectrum, mixed with odd high shrill here and there.

Her swift, upbeat and melodic flow added with her ability to hit the upper echelon of the vocal notes at any given time, exemplifies her exquisite breath control. She gives a demonstration of her rap skills on the Interview with Rapper Jalettua Nuune courtesy of Angela Nimah’s YouTube Channel. In typical hip hop fashion, this highly expressive femcee holds no bars (no pun intended) and shoots on many aspects of her young career. She completely opens her thoughts out to Lavatory Records about about her take on the industry politics, her come up, career aspirations and more.

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Nubia Soul: The soulful child of the world

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Nubia Soul regards herself as a child of the world. Originally from the Western Cape, Nubia is very proud of her diverse roots, with some of those being traced all the way up in Egypt. Her strong sense of identity is something that resonates with her music and all her creative endeavours of expression.

The songstress’s style of music and sound is very much like her roots – rather uncategorised and inculcated from a number of origins. Together with her band, Polyrhythmix, they hope to take their sound to the rest of Africa and beyond.

Despite her rather low key and down to earth profile, she has been able to get herself on a number of high profile media platforms. Nubia Soul has been interviewed by CNN International and the SABC News Channel (on DSTV), both features available via her YouTube Channel.

She was happy to avail herself to have a chat with us at Lavatory Records. In this interview she details her experiences within the industry, the circumstances around her latest single Back To Love, upcoming initiatives and other things.

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Revolution Validates Life (RVL) Blog

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Make sure to follow and read on the Revolution Validates Life(RVL) blog. The blog was created by the soul songstress who had featured here on Lavatory Records,Ms Angela Nimah.

This blog showcases amazing people doing amazing things whose stories are not told, as well as well other creative and opinion pieces from Angela Nimah. Check out the Revolution Validates Life(RVL) site. 

“This is a blog dedicated to providing a platform to upcoming artists who represent the blog in an authentic way; revolutionary people who represent their life in art. It’s a space where I get to be conversational with them (the interview subjects), where I can share my thoughts about cultural and social events. A place where I can flex my writing and journalistic skills to inspire my viewers to read and share.” – Angela Nimah

Please also do remember to leave comments on the Revolution Validates Life(RVL) blog under the comment section. Also please feel free to share their articles if you happen to like what you read.