Women’s month tribute (2015)

In honour of women’s month in South Africa, We would like to pay special tribute to the beautiful ladies that have featured here on the Lavatory Records platform.

Special mentions to Nicole Fortuin, Angela Nimah Courtnae’ Paul, Emmaline, Nubia Soul, Jalettua Nuune & Thato Hlatshwayo (in order of appearance) for having featured so far and sharing your stories with us. We appreciate the contribution and having you on our platform.

Lavatory Records

Nicole Fortuin: http://bit.ly/1Pek5Ln

Photo credit: Ross Van Schalkwyk

Angela Nimah:  http://bit.ly/1Eh98Ca

Lavatory Records

Courtnae’ Paul : http://bit.ly/1IVlRBW

Lavatory Records

Jalettua Nuune: http://bit.ly/1UiUXsY


Thato Hlatshwayo: http://bit.ly/1Eupehh


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