Concord: Live In Joburg, South Africa (DVD)

Lavatory Records

Purchase Concord Nkabinde’s first ever concert on DVD! As explained on the DVD itself, it is uncommon practice that artists would dare to ever record their first performance. Against the standard practice and convention, Concord decides to dare it and put it all on the line and on record.

This decision would culminate into a remarkable and memorable event that took place at Bassline in Newtown, Johannesburg. The musical showcase which was recorded for the DVD format is entitled Concord: Live In Joburg, South Africa.  Concord Nkabinde had special guest features with Louis Mhlanga on guitar and Gloria Bosman on vocals.

If you want to purchase this DVD send en email to or an inbox message to Concord’s Facebook Account and Artist Page. If you purchase the DVD and are in Gauteng, you may just get the opportunity to meet Concord Nkabinde in person. Everywhere else in the world, postal charges would then apply. 

Don’t forget to also check out Concord’s interview with Lavatory Records.


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