IMF Volume 1 release and list of credits!

Lavatory Records

It’s finally upon us – Friday the 28th of August, where you can finally download and stream the International Mixtape Franchise Volume 1 via Audiomack and Datpiff.

Special Mentions to DJ International Wigg, for the co-sign and helping to push the IMF Movement. You can follow him on Twitter: @djwigg

DJ Chronic for the help on the audio engineering and mixing on the tape! He came through in a big way for us. You can follow him on Facebook.

Shout out to these various contributors and DJs on the skits: C-Styles from the Coke Boys(USA/Nigeria),  Dj That Naledi (SouthAfrica),Dj Faisca (Angola) ,Dj Deck Burner (#Nigeria) and Dj Bleed (Germany).

Shout out to Boss Brain Entertainment for the hard work, the network and all round being great partners. Get them on Facebook and on Twitter: @BossBrainEnt.

All importantly – the artists who contributed to the tape and TeeMan Chaser for the IMF Vol 1 cover artwork too. A big thank you and eternal gratitude from us at Lavatory Records.

Artist in Alphabetical Order

2nyce (South Africa): Facebook

Bebelino – (Ghana): Facebook

Cara – (Guest Artist U.K): Facebook

Cash – (South Africa): Not available at time of press

Chron Burgundy – (South Africa): Twitter @ChronBurgundy, Facebook, Instagram: @ChronBurgundy

Divine MC (Ghana): Facebook

Gee Sparxx(Ghana): Facebook, Twitter: @GeeSparxx

Graham Hunter (South Africa): Facebook, Twitter: @GrahamHunterJHB

GtBeats (Zimbabwe): Not available at time of press

Impropoe (South Africa): Twitter: @impropoe, Facebook, Instagram: @impropoe

Incriveis – (Mozambique): Add and/or follow Wil Wilson Dava GR on Facebook for more information on the group.

Inferno Williams (South Africa): Facebook, Twitter: @InfernoWilliams

Jalettua Nuune (South Africa): Twitter: @theOnlyMsNuune, Facebook

Jewz (South Africa): Follow PurvGang on Twitter: @PurvGang and on Facebook

Kade (South Africa): Twitter @k1nkkade

King (South Africa): Not available at time of press

Kob (Ghana): Twitter: @theofficialkob

Kulax (South Africa): Facebook, Twitter: @kulax_world

Lil’ Crunk (South Africa): Facebook,

Lil Zane- (Guest Artist U.S.A): Facebook, Twitter: @Lilzanesworld

Master Chef Toast (South Africa): Twitter:@ChefToast, Facebook

Morris Blacks (South Africa): Facebook, Twitter: @Morrisblacks

Naycha (South Africa): Facebook

Pounds (Ghana): Facebook

Ray Mupats (Zimbabwe): Facebook, @RayMupats

Rizzla_1043  (South Africa): Twitter @Gfame1043, Facebook, Luminaire Entertainment SA Facebook Page

SlimHussle (Nigeria): Facebook

Sling Short (South Africa): Twitter:@Papa_Slinga, Facebook

Solace (Ghana): Facebook, Twitter: @SolaceGh

Sounds Intense (South Africa): Follow TitusTrack Entertainment for more information on the trio. Twitter: @TitusTrack

Steph Lecor (Guest Artist U.S.A): Facebook, Twitter:@StephieLecor

TeeMan Chaser (South Africa): Facebook

Tex – (Nigeria): Not available at time of press

Tre (South Africa): Facebook, Twitter: @TreUnlimited

Ultimate Talent (DRC): Follow Don Khalife on Facebook.

Yinks (Ghana): Twitter @YinksOfficial, Facebook, Instagram

Z3R0 (South Africa): Twitter: @TheOnlyParagon, Facebook

Zach Is Nobody -(Guest Artist U.S.A): Twitter; @ZachIsNobody, Facebook



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