Janice Honeyman’s pantomime: Sleeping Beauty

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The pantomime by Janice Honeyman is a rendition of Sleeping Beauty, which will be showcased at the Joburg theater. The preview performances start on Saturday November 7th and Sunday November 8th and the regular performances are from November 13th to December 30th

“Our Sleeping Beauty will bring the pure magic of pantomime once again to Joburg, mixed with sheer spectacle, special effects, laughter, outrageous puns, double-entendres and the most popular of contemporary music, mixed together with some classic melodies always associated with this story. Not to mention the giant spider, the fateful spinning wheel and That Kiss!” – Janice Honeyman (Joburg Theatre Website)

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The show features Nicole Fortuin who stars in the  SABC drama series, Roer Jou Voete as Princess Aurora-Adora.

To find out more about the Sleeping Beauty pantomime, click here for details to the show.


AkwA YinnY

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AkwA YinnY is an upcoming brand which has a virtual boutique that offers clothing, shoes, sneakers and other accessories.Their vision is to establish a world class brand that caters for the elites, those looking for luxury in the fashion world.

The boutique is a business that our first ever feature on the Lavatory Records site, Yinks  (C.E.O. of Boss Brain Entertainment) has a stake in. Check out our interview with Yinks, which was conducted in March of 2015.

To see what items have on display, follow them on Facebook and contact them to make your inquiries! They deliver in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Yang Cil: “Crazy In Love” with Hip Hop

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There’s no denying that Hip Hop music has evolved since its inception. Through this evolution the Hip Hop sound has been infused with other sounds, and more predominantly the Rhythm and Blues (R&B) sound. This has led to a joint urban genre between the two styles within the mainstream categorization.

According to many folks within the Urban and Hip Hop culture, LL Cool J who’s one of the rappers renowned for love-inspired rap lyrics, would most likely be the main protagonist behind the idea of merging Hip Hop with R&B music. In the early 2000’s Ja Rule also rode the wave of love inspired raps to much commercial success.

Yang Cil is a young rapper who just started out in the game and has hopes to emulate the type of sound popularized by the aforementioned acts. For this rapper who hails from Mpumalanga, a province which rarely gets much attention for its musical artistry, the independent route seemed to be the only alternative. Yang Cil has enjoyed some personal success through self-distribution of his latest EP titled Life Is So Hard. In this interview Yang Cil shares his story and account of “getting out the gate” and doing it all by himself, while spreading a message of positiveness.

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Putting A Famous Artist On Your Song

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This is why we always tell our up and coming artists, to not get lured into the trap of paying for a feature!

This is a must read for all the frustrated artists who are still finding their sound.

Wendy Day

By, Wendy Day

Imagine that you are an unknown struggling artist. Young Thug is in town performing and you have the ability to offer him a few thousand dollars to come by the studio and drop a quick 16 bars. Your cousin knows Akon and said for $80k he’ll sing the hook on your song, you just have to send him the money and the ProTools session. BG went to jail and his boy has some verses for sale to keep money flowing to him while he’s locked down. You’d like very much to have Young Thug, Akon, or BG on a song with you. But it’s not as simple as just having the money to pay for that feature…

Signed Artists Need Their Label’s Permission

Any artist who is signed to a record label is technically OWNED by that label. This means that even if a rapper is my…

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No Coast : Florida Invasion

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If you are in the Chicago Area on the 24th of September 2015 and are a battle rap fan, catch our good old friend Zach Is Nobody from SLAP Battles on the No Coast league’s card called Florida Invasion.

The card is as follows:

Lu Cipher (FL) vs Trim Forte (IL)
XQZ (IL) vs Heebs (AK)
Mosh Jelton and Mark the Manager (FL) vs Speedy Calhoun and Sho Biz (IL)
V-Money (FL) vs Raco Da Dragon (FL)
Human (IL) vs RO (MN)
JXL (IL) vs Kevlar (VA)
Phokused the Great (TN) vs Zach Is Nobody (VA)
Desi Baker and Human (IL) vs Spiff and Cyan (IL)

Check out the No Coast Chicago events page on Facebook for more details.

PurvGang says “screw the world…we are just doing us”!

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“It’s a purple world; purple things can get you gone…”, so goes one of the lines on the hook of PurvGang’s song I’m on. In the early 2000’s Three-Six Mafia’s song, Sipping on some syrup, came out and caused a stir as it introduced the world to a new trend that was becoming popular among music performers. The said trend was the mixing of over-the-counter medication with some recreational drugs to form a cocktail syrup which when ingested induced one into a state of being intoxicated.

Music’s association with chemical intoxication goes back to the 1970’s when Disco music and Rock & Roll were booming. This was the musical era that birthed the sexual revolution and the party lifestyle.

In Hip Hop when rappers speak of “living the life”, they are deemed as being less ‘conscious’ and lyrically inept. Truth is, these are societal issues and if they were to be ignored that would beg the question, how socially aware rappers/emcees truly are? Whether or not you agree with explicit lyrics that are descriptive in nature, is only a matter of taste and an individual’s moral frame of reference.

The PurvGang members – Blingager, Bill$, CoolKay La’Flare, P.Ball, Ninja and Jewz – are unapologetic when it comes to speaking about their perspective of the industry and the world in general. Lavatory Records caught up with them and they broke down how their name came to be, what they are about and future projects they are working on.

Before readin on, you can play the audio version of the Interview with Lavatory Records via PurvGang’s YouTube Channel. Be warned: The interview contains some explicit Language.

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Saturday by Steph Lecor

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Check out the latest video from the ultra-sultry, blue haired first lady of DJ Khaled’s label, We The Best Entertainment’s Steph Lecor! The video is for the single entitled Saturday.

She co-hosted the Rather Be Rich Than Famous mixtape alongside DJ International Wig of the Coke Boys South, Rich Gang and We The Best Entertainment affiliate. You can find the Saturday single on that project. Steph Lecor and International Wig also hosted the Ladies Choice Vol 46 mixtape together, which is available for free download and streaming on Spinrilla.

Saturday also made its way onto the I.M.F. Vol 1 Compilation by Lavatory Records and Boss Brain Entertainment. Make sure you download that tape and that single. Shoutout to DJ International Wig for making that happen.

Master Chef Toast shares his “Home Made” recipe

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Any good chef normally has to start within their own kitchen and learn to use cooking utensils for themselves, before embarking off to culinary school to add more variety to their assortment of gourmets. In the same vein Master Chef Toast named his latest project Home Made based on that concept. Home Made  is themed on the basis of how self-development begins at home.

What particularly stands out on this latest project by Master Chef Toast is his use of “parables” in rap verses. This is his very own “new age testament” of his Christian upbringing and infusing it with his own experiences, very much like a modern day apostle.  With the use of figurative language comes the prospect of meanings getting lost in translation. For this reason Lavatory Records decided to catch up with our good friend Master Chef Toast.

Master Chef Toast was chiefly asked on the significance of the album and the meaning to the songs. He also touched on more personal issues, such as the circumstances with significant others (yes, others – love life and music) and his family values.

Click on the video below to watch the full interview:

To get to know Master Chef Toast even better you can check out the first interview he did with us a few months ago. Otherwise you can keep up with Master Chef Toast on Facebook, Twitter: @cheftoast and YouTube.

TheGoodBeatz by JAQUEBEATZ

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Download and stream TheGoodBeatz mixtape by new artist/producer JAQUEBEATZ on Datpiff or on Hot New Hip Hop. This mixtape offering marks this project as his debut.

The Atlanta, USA native recently took time out of his busy schedule to speak to Lavatory Records and his interview will be availed on the site in the following weeks. He is signed under B.O.B.’s label called No Genre and has worked with Kevin Gates, Lecrae and our recent feature Emmaline.

Keep on the lookout for the interview with JAQUEBEATZ and make sure you get TheGoodBeatz mixtape Datpiff or on Hot New Hip Hop.

Simmy On The Beat “traps” you with the beat


Trap music is a style of rap that’s been popularised by rappers from the city of Atlanta in the US such as Young Jeezy and T.I. (who released an album called Trap Muzik). The ‘trap’ is a term that was used to refer to a “hustle”, which is a way of making a living; or a “hustle spot” where business transactions were done. The trap was also associated with the “fast” and “dirty” money that could easily land one on the wrong side of the law.

Simmy On The Beat is a producer who specialises in Trap music. Originally from Zimbabwe and now a Boss Brain Entertainment affiliate, Simmy gave us the low down on who he is, how he got to hook up with Boss Brain Entertainment and so much more.

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