RAP ID Mobile Application

Lavatory Records

Available on Google Play

The RAP ID mobile application is a new free application that gives you access to information regarding the on-goings within the local Hip Hop industry. The application is now available on the Google Play store.

The application was developed New World App (NWA). This is a South African based company founded and developed by Tiro Dire AKA Slingshort, Eric Mnisi & Courtney Jacobs.

In a statement made available to Lavatory Records by New World App, the founders and developers of the app describe it as:

“The application provides users (followers) with the latest updates in the South African Hip Hop scene from events to individual projects released and this would include Hip Hop Shows, Mixtapes reviews, Album releases, Rap & Breakdancing battle events, Graffiti, Ciphers, Clothing, Music Production companies and DJs.

This multi-media platform initiative is solely aimed at promoting and growing South African Hip Hop”

If you are on an android handset download the free application from the Google Play store. Also you can read up the Lavatory Records interview with one of the founders of NWATiro Dire AKA Slingshort.


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