Simmy On The Beat “traps” you with the beat


Trap music is a style of rap that’s been popularised by rappers from the city of Atlanta in the US such as Young Jeezy and T.I. (who released an album called Trap Muzik). The ‘trap’ is a term that was used to refer to a “hustle”, which is a way of making a living; or a “hustle spot” where business transactions were done. The trap was also associated with the “fast” and “dirty” money that could easily land one on the wrong side of the law.

Simmy On The Beat is a producer who specialises in Trap music. Originally from Zimbabwe and now a Boss Brain Entertainment affiliate, Simmy gave us the low down on who he is, how he got to hook up with Boss Brain Entertainment and so much more.

LR: For those who don’t know you, who is “Simmy on the Beat” and what’s the reason behind the name?

Simmy:  I’m Simmy On The Beat, a music producer and the choice of my name is really a play on words as in ‘see me on the beat’, but I just choose to write it as Simmy On The Beat because my beats are unique.

LR: What made you pursue music?

Simmy: Been doing music for quite some time now. I just live for music that’s when I ended up wanting to make music.

LR:  How do you define or classify your style of music?

Simmy: The type of music I do is called Trap Music. It originated in Atlanta USA. It’s a catchy type of hip hop music.

LR: Which artists do you listen to?

Simmy: Most of the time I listen to international artists like Smokey Robinson he is classic. For guys who do trap I would listen to Migos, Travis Scott and here in Africa we got Yinks, AKA and Kid X.

LR: How did you get linked up to Boss Brain Entertainment?

Simmy: I produced a track for Yinks called Black Boy Golfer that’s how I was introduced to Boss Brain Entertainment.

LR: Which artists or producers have you worked with?

Simmy: I’ve worked with a lot of producers throughout the years, the likes of Dr Feel and international artists like Slimhussle, Yinks and Slang G.

LR: What has your experience of the Zimbabwean music industry been like in general?

Simmy: You know music is all about the hustle. You got to stay strong for you to make it. The music industry in Zimbabwe is still growing and we just pushing hard. Sometimes we face hard times and other times we experience good times. That’s how life goes.

LR: What projects  are you working on that we should we look out for?

Simmy: I’m working on a project that should be out in early 2016, but will be dropping a single for the streets before then which everyone should look out for.

LR: Any special mentions you want to shout out?

Simmy: Shout out to all the Boss Brain family and shout out to Yinks, Slimhussle, Starna etc.


Thanks Simmy On The Beat for taking the time to talk to us. Catch up with Simmy On The Beat on Facebook, Twitter: @SimmyOnTheBeat and on SoundCloud. Also check out his latest single called Dope Boy featuring Slimhussle.


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