Master Chef Toast shares his “Home Made” recipe

Lavatory Records

Any good chef normally has to start within their own kitchen and learn to use cooking utensils for themselves, before embarking off to culinary school to add more variety to their assortment of gourmets. In the same vein Master Chef Toast named his latest project Home Made based on that concept. Home Made  is themed on the basis of how self-development begins at home.

What particularly stands out on this latest project by Master Chef Toast is his use of “parables” in rap verses. This is his very own “new age testament” of his Christian upbringing and infusing it with his own experiences, very much like a modern day apostle.  With the use of figurative language comes the prospect of meanings getting lost in translation. For this reason Lavatory Records decided to catch up with our good friend Master Chef Toast.

Master Chef Toast was chiefly asked on the significance of the album and the meaning to the songs. He also touched on more personal issues, such as the circumstances with significant others (yes, others – love life and music) and his family values.

Click on the video below to watch the full interview:

To get to know Master Chef Toast even better you can check out the first interview he did with us a few months ago. Otherwise you can keep up with Master Chef Toast on Facebook, Twitter: @cheftoast and YouTube.


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