PurvGang says “screw the world…we are just doing us”!

Lavatory Records

“It’s a purple world; purple things can get you gone…”, so goes one of the lines on the hook of PurvGang’s song I’m on. In the early 2000’s Three-Six Mafia’s song, Sipping on some syrup, came out and caused a stir as it introduced the world to a new trend that was becoming popular among music performers. The said trend was the mixing of over-the-counter medication with some recreational drugs to form a cocktail syrup which when ingested induced one into a state of being intoxicated.

Music’s association with chemical intoxication goes back to the 1970’s when Disco music and Rock & Roll were booming. This was the musical era that birthed the sexual revolution and the party lifestyle.

In Hip Hop when rappers speak of “living the life”, they are deemed as being less ‘conscious’ and lyrically inept. Truth is, these are societal issues and if they were to be ignored that would beg the question, how socially aware rappers/emcees truly are? Whether or not you agree with explicit lyrics that are descriptive in nature, is only a matter of taste and an individual’s moral frame of reference.

The PurvGang members – Blingager, Bill$, CoolKay La’Flare, P.Ball, Ninja and Jewz – are unapologetic when it comes to speaking about their perspective of the industry and the world in general. Lavatory Records caught up with them and they broke down how their name came to be, what they are about and future projects they are working on.

Before readin on, you can play the audio version of the Interview with Lavatory Records via PurvGang’s YouTube Channel. Be warned: The interview contains some explicit Language.

LR: For those who don’t know you, who is “PurvGang” and what inspired the choice of name?

PG: Well PurvGang is just a band of six rappers/musicians who rap music from the township of Soweto which is the ghetto in the south west of Johannesburg & the name just came naturally when Blingager Jeeny was swag conversing with Bill$ The Billionaire, about a Facebook status which he posted and it read “If my wet dreams came true, each and every one of you girls would have a story to tell(no incest) #PervGang”. When he told Bill$ The Billionaire it dawned on Bill$ The Billionaire and he said: “wouldn’t it be a great idea if we called ourselves PurvGang?” Then CoolKay La’Flare, P.Ball, Ninja we told them & Jewz all of them f****d widdit & that’s swag right there.

LR: Tell us about the crew as individuals and the personality dynamics therein?

(All The PurvGang Members individually speak)

Lavatory Records


Blingager: Yes man! Yes man! This baba has fika’d this means that this baba has entered, this man has entered the building, the name is Blingager, Blingager unsigned but major, ya. I consider myself as a he, first of all I’m not gay ‘cause I’m he not she don’t say she. Next I am me, that rhymes ‘cause I’m a rhymer. He considers himself as forever & thinks of himself as the first rapper in the world to be the best rapper and the worst rapper at the same time. He is self-proclaimed as the brokest/dopest rapper of all the time right now!

Lavatory Records


P-Ball: P.Ball, Purvy P aka “Oooh what’s that in ‘em draws” aka Purvy Purvylicious aka Purvy Purv, lemme tell you somethin’ about Purvy Purv right now. This nigga this my nigga right here, this nigga, he’s probably like the dumbest/smartest rapper to ever do it you feel me. This nigga likes to talk about whatever comes up in his muthaf****n ludicrous mind dawg and coming up with f****n stupid hooks of course, this nigga yo lemme stop talkin’ okay yo I’m the future of the muthaf****n past you feel me did you hear what I said, I’m the future of the past muthaf****r. Exactly!

Lavatory Records


Jewz: I like rapping all day, non-stop and I watch movies all day, non-stop. Everything from  the townships is one just like a Jewish businessman about to open.

Lavatory Records


Bill$: Welcome to news at seven: Breaking news, Mr. B****es done did it again! Ran into Mr. B****es with his like 100th b***h that he just f***ed and this is what he had to say; Well Bill$ Is all about getting money I mean like I foresee myself in the future being the first like billionaire rapper from Africa nigga the first billionaire rapper from Africa, South Africa for real like it ain’t no joke like I’ll be the type of nigga that be like helpin’ the rest of Africa like revivin’ Africa and trynna make maybe Africa the best sh*t like never seen before nigga. Like nigga I be havin’ so much money that I ain’t got nothin’ else to do but share the rest of the money with my niggas. Bill$!

Lavatory Records

Coolkay La’Flare

CoolKay La’Flare: Yeah yeah yeah Mr. Mahunnid Madiba Rands, Mr. Madiba Madiba, Mr. Paper! Mr. flare 0, straight from the ghetto office nikka Mr. Madiba Diba what it do nikka? Pop that a** b***h I been a pimp.

“Learned to hustle straight in ghetto flow from off top at any given clock

Four bars just had to drop nikka

Real nikka don’t flop

Call him flare 0! Ho! Ho!”

You know that sh*t. What it do? PurvGang!



Ninja: Yeah you already know who the f**k this is nigga, this Mr. Take-Yo-B***h nigga, Take-Yo-Watch, Take-Yo-Chain nigga Take-Yo-Everything nigga. All I got to say for you entlek I’ve got some advice, y’all muf*****s better buy the PurvGang tape or your b****es and babies are gon’ get robbed out here nigga, that’s my advice. We f****n strugglin’ outchea nigga, gimme that money or else you gon’ be robbed out in these streets nigga. Swag.

Lavatory Records: Which artists or artists do you all listen to or influence your music?

PG: PurvGang is influenced by and listens to itself also underground swag/trap rappers, old school hip hop from the 90s and any piece of music that is beautiful, that’s it.

LR: Your music has a “Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll” stigma attached to it, just a hip hop version. Is the “Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll” connotation correct, and to what extent do you agree/disagree with it?

PG: Agreed to the full extent, it is correct as in our music we talk about what is happening in our environment.

LR: Where do you see the direction of the music industry going, especially with the internet changing the dynamics within the game?

PG: Most artists, if not all, will be independent and will be make money independently through their art. Musicians will be having less contractual constraints, more artistic freedom compared to the past and becoming like more influential in a more prominent manner, whereby a artist can be just as big as a major record label.

LR: Which artists or producers have you worked or shared a stage with?

PG: Kid Mac, Nerdeeo, Funeral, Toobz, Aya, Don Milli, Crespo van Riebek, Sarcazz, Sicks ya those are the producers that PG worked with and PurvGang has shared a stage with only PurvGang.

LR: What has your experience of the South African Music Industry been like in general? Give us the good and bad of the local industry.

PG: Our experience about the South African music industry is that it desperately needs us in these critical times. The good about the local music industry in South Africa is that Hip Hop keeps growing to our advantage and the bad about it is that we ain’t rightfully recognized as a worldwide sensation, worldwide African sensation.

LR: Lavatory Records is a “solutions” for artists’ organisation and not a “record label”. Do you think there’s potential for such a business to thrive in the current music economy, particularity in regards to management solutions and revenue streaming for artists?

PG: Yes, of course we believe there is, that’s one hundred percent true! We really believe that.

LR: What projects or events in the future should we look out for from you?

PG: Yoh yoh yoh yoh yoh fire, we’ve got  PG(PurvGang) just dropped a mixtape “PGTV” go get that sh*t google that sh*t download that sh*t, WackBoyz is gonna release “No Fatel Vol. I” coming soon, CoolKay La ‘flare is gonna release “Black & White Stories”, Bill$ is gonna release “Off Top”, Jewz just released the “Play Ball The Mansion” mixtape go get that sh*t google that sh*t download that sh*t ya, Blingager & P.Ball are also gonna “Freshman Season” ya. FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE!

LR: Any special mentions you want to shout out?

PG: Shout out to everybody out there f*****g with our shit and everybody that doesn’t f**k with our sh*t.

We thank PurvGang for taking time to speak with us. If you want to keep with their moves, follow them on their Facebook Fan Page,Twitter:@PurvGang, PurvGang’s YouTube Channel and SoundCloud. Also check out their latest mixtape entitled PGTV.


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