No Coast : Florida Invasion

Lavatory Records

If you are in the Chicago Area on the 24th of September 2015 and are a battle rap fan, catch our good old friend Zach Is Nobody from SLAP Battles on the No Coast league’s card called Florida Invasion.

The card is as follows:

Lu Cipher (FL) vs Trim Forte (IL)
XQZ (IL) vs Heebs (AK)
Mosh Jelton and Mark the Manager (FL) vs Speedy Calhoun and Sho Biz (IL)
V-Money (FL) vs Raco Da Dragon (FL)
Human (IL) vs RO (MN)
JXL (IL) vs Kevlar (VA)
Phokused the Great (TN) vs Zach Is Nobody (VA)
Desi Baker and Human (IL) vs Spiff and Cyan (IL)

Check out the No Coast Chicago events page on Facebook for more details.


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