Janice Honeyman’s pantomime: Sleeping Beauty

Lavatory Records

The pantomime by Janice Honeyman is a rendition of Sleeping Beauty, which will be showcased at the Joburg theater. The preview performances start on Saturday November 7th and Sunday November 8th and the regular performances are from November 13th to December 30th

“Our Sleeping Beauty will bring the pure magic of pantomime once again to Joburg, mixed with sheer spectacle, special effects, laughter, outrageous puns, double-entendres and the most popular of contemporary music, mixed together with some classic melodies always associated with this story. Not to mention the giant spider, the fateful spinning wheel and That Kiss!” – Janice Honeyman (Joburg Theatre Website)

Lavatory Records

The show features Nicole Fortuin who stars in the  SABC drama series, Roer Jou Voete as Princess Aurora-Adora.

To find out more about the Sleeping Beauty pantomime, click here for details to the show.


3 thoughts on “Janice Honeyman’s pantomime: Sleeping Beauty

  1. Good day, would like to know if you had any DVD of the show or when it will be shown again on MNET. i did see the live show and recorded from Mnet in Dec but due to technical problems it was deleted. I have a special needs boy who just loves the shows and I keep all the recordings for him, he is so disappointed that it was deleted. please advice if it will be shown again on Mnet.

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