Yinks drops “James Bond” for the streets

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The homie Yinks from Boss Brain Entertainment is back with another single! This one is a street banger called James Bond. The song is produced by Boss Brain Entertainment affiliate producer; Simmy On The Beat and is hosted by DJ D Double D.

Get to know more about Yinks (link to the interview here) he interview he did with Lavatory Records back in  March 2015. In case you are also curious about Simmy On The Beat (link to the interview here), he also had a chat with is in September of 2015.


Steph Lecor with DJ Khaled on Hot 97 interview

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Steph Lecor, who featured in the first installment of the Lavatory Records and Boss Brain Entertainment initiative, International Mixtape Franchise (IMF)  which dropped in August sat down with Hot 97’s Megan Ryte for an interview. The young sassy lass is signed to DJ Khaled’s We The Best Entertainment. Accompanied by her boss, Steph, and DJ Khaled both spoke about their respective projects. Steph also performed her new single called Saturday.

Steph is also making her name on the mixtape scene. She co-hosted the Rather Rich Than Famous tape with DJ International Wig.

Check out the Saturday music video and make sure you get the single on the IMF Vol 1 Mixtape and Rather Rich Than Famous tapes.

Starting Over at Z3R0

Reinvention and recreation is a recurring notion that is often expressed when artists mull over decisions that centre on their longevity. Sometimes, like in the case of Paragon (real name Ross Melow) – starting at “Ground Zero” does occasionally happen as a result of an overhaul.

In the same way as his label mate at TitusTrack Entertainment; Chron Burgundy, also found that with growth comes the inevitable force of change and re-adaptation. It happens in all forms of life such as business and commerce, as well as nature if one considers the theory of evolution.

The artist formerly known as Paragon, has now taken on the moniker of Z3R0. If you are familiar with the Megaman video game and animated series, there’s a character called Zero who was given that name because “nothing is absolute, and circumstances can change anything”. Also with former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas, who himself was known as “Agent Zero”, featured prominently on the Adidas “Impossible Is Nothing” adverts. Gilbert Arenas turned himself into an All Star player though he was told he would play “Zero Minutes” at collegial level.

Sometimes, to feel comfortable within your own skin, be at peace with circumstances that occur and take yourself to the next level, one has to start at “ZR30”. For that reason, we at Lavatory Records felt compelled to start with Z3R0 and ask him the pressing questions with no further ado.

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#BoutThatLife by Falcone

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It is finally here! #BoutThatLife by Falcone has officially dropped. Back in July ’15 we presented  the making of #BoutThatLife.

This single as produced by Falcone  will be on the Too Many Chiefs project, slated for an early 2016 release. 

The music video is directed and edited by Jacque Moodley and can be viewed on Falcone’s YouTube Channel.

Falcone, whom Lavatory Records interviewed in March ’15, had this to say about his latest single:

“Embark on a journey of discovery as a lady and her son set out to uncover the mystery surrounding “that life”. Our heroes traverse through several European cities including Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, Zurich & Berne. 

In a surprising twist, the two learn that ‘that life’ isn’t about material objects, but in fact experiences you share with loved ones. 
This journey of self-discovery will delight and amuse both young and old.” – Falcone
In the immortal words of Falcone:
“Make money, not music. Now that’s sound advice.” 

Al Bender: “I’ve got respect for Tumi but for these three rounds, that’s going to be pretty hard to believe”  

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Shout out to PerfectlyPenned on this feature with Al Bender.

Al Bender will make an appearance on Talk Is Cheap 3.



His concepts, mastery of the English language, artistic intelligence and subject matter is what cemented his place as one of the most talented emcees of this generation, a member of Flight Distance from Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Bender’s ability to relentlessly paint vivid pictures (well he does) with words using imagery on some other Sh*t, often his frustratingly witty and unparrallel diction -to drawing inspiration from great artists such as Qwel and Tom Waits (yes Tom Waits).

Al Bender, took some time out to discuss his upcoming trip to South Africa at Talk Is Cheap3 where he’ll be battling out with our very own Tumi (formerly with The Volume). This is the first time Scrambles4Money hosting not only just a Canadian but a decorated former KOTD champion.

Noam Chomskie: How much do you know about S4M?
  Al Bender: I’ve only seen a couple battles but it seems live out there…

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Trouble by Emmaline

Lavatory Records

After being recently signed to Defiant Management (an umbrella company of Grand Hustle and No Genre), the Australian born pop sensation Emmaline, who is now based in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) has released her latest single entitled Trouble. The single is available on Soundcloud  for streaming and on iTunes for streaming and downloading.

You can also check out the Trouble music video via Emmaline’s Youtube Channel. The video is shot and directed by Minista Millz of Minista Cinema and produced by Escoth. Engineered and mixed by Joshua Lance.

Emmaline who was interviewed by Lavatory Records in the month of August, 2015 had this to say about her new single Trouble.

“It was a dream of mine before I came over to the states from Australia to somewhat break into or crossover more so into the hip hop genre before I put out some of my own stuff. I’ve accomplished that mission in a sense So now i feel it’s time to focus on my solo project.

Trouble is a love song but not in a romantic sense. It’s about that epiphany you have when you realize that the person you thought you really wanted/loved really isn’t all that and you just kinda say to yourself ‘what we’re you thinking’!!! We’ve all had those light bulb moments.

I write about love because it’s what makes the world worth living in. Without love (love of others and love of self) we would have no purpose here on earth. Love conquers all, not money, not material possessions. We all want to be loved. We crave it. And we all need it..I just think sometimes we forget that we have to give it too. Spread love!!

I write in a diary type form. Everything you hear me sing is either happening to me currently or has happened at some point in the past or it’s an observation I’ve had” Emmaline

After appearing on alongside Domani Harris on Visto’s song Namaste,  Emmaline is gearing herself up for the release of her debut EP. Lavatory Records will keep you posted on that development.

JAQUEBEATZ just does beats with “No Genre”

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The role of being both an artist and producer is a rather difficult dual-responsibility to carry across, as in these days of categories, genres and niches your artist persona will be pitted up against your producer skills.

For when you are an artist, your ability to control a crowd and being the frontman/front-person, is at odds with the more subdued ability of being able to support others as a producer. The hyper criticism flung at artists-cum-producers such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Timbaland comes to mind.

JAQUEBEATZ who hails from Atlanta, USA, is one such artist who is willing to confidently undergo the ‘baptism of fire’ and close scrutiny that goes with being both an artist and producer. Signed to B.O.B.’s label No Genre, JAQUEBEATZ took a moment from his busy schedule to speak to Lavatory Records.

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Back To Love (It’s a Mendez Remix) featuring Ocean Deep by Nubia Soul

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On Saturday the 17 of October at midnight (Central African Time),Nubia Soul released the Back To Love remix, as remixed by Kribo’w Mendez! The original version of Back To Love was released on the 26 June 2015.

Nubia Soul was interviewed by Lavatory Records during month of August, 2015. She had this to say to us regarding the remix version of Back To Love :

“The sound is unorthodox in the deephouse scene, yet it shows african pride by breaking into all diverse sounds which are found within the continent itself.

Music is a universal language” – Nubia Soul

Make your sure you check out the remix of Back To Love via Soundcloud for streaming. 

You can also go to Audiomack for streaming and download.

Florida Invasion by No Coast Raps (Battles Release)

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The Florida Invasion card as hosted by No Coast battles league, sees our regular feature here on Lavatory RecordsZach Is Nobody from SLAP Battles battling Phokused The Great out of Memphis, Tennessee.

Zach Is Nobody vs Phokused The Great

Trim Forte vs Lu Cipher

Human & Desi Baker vs Spiff & Cyan

XQZ vs Heebs

JXL vs Kevlar

Ro Vs Human

Mark The Manager & Mosh Jelton vs Speedy Calhoun & Sho Biz