JAQUEBEATZ just does beats with “No Genre”

Lavatory Records

The role of being both an artist and producer is a rather difficult dual-responsibility to carry across, as in these days of categories, genres and niches your artist persona will be pitted up against your producer skills.

For when you are an artist, your ability to control a crowd and being the frontman/front-person, is at odds with the more subdued ability of being able to support others as a producer. The hyper criticism flung at artists-cum-producers such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Timbaland comes to mind.

JAQUEBEATZ who hails from Atlanta, USA, is one such artist who is willing to confidently undergo the ‘baptism of fire’ and close scrutiny that goes with being both an artist and producer. Signed to B.O.B.’s label No Genre, JAQUEBEATZ took a moment from his busy schedule to speak to Lavatory Records.

Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records:  Who is JAQUEBEATZ and what’s the meaning behind the name?

JAQUEBEATZ: I picked Jaque as another French name close to mine. Beatz because I produce all my music. So I put them together in all caps JAQUEBEATZ

LR:  How did you get started in music?

JAQUEBEATZ: I got piano lessons when I was six years old. Also both of my parents are musicians.

LR: Who were favourite acts while you were growing up?

JAQUEBEATZ: Bob Marley, Dean Fraizer (Saxophonist), and other Jamaican artists.

LR: How would you classify your style of music?

JAQUEBEATZ: Random, I can do anything.

LR:  As someone who hails from Atlanta, home of the Trap sound, how different is your music from the other artists from there?

JAQUEBEATZ: By simply not doing Trap.

LR: How are you finding the dual role of being an artist and producer? Has it been simple? Please share what the whole experience has been like for you?

JAQUEBEATZ: It’s tough. Producing for yourself and others, double producing can drain you. Then you have to write your own songs. It’s a daily struggle but it pays off.

LR: What has your experience of the music industry been like so far?  

JAQUEBEATZ:  Meeting cool people and I actually get to hang with them.

LR: You’ve worked with Lecrae who’s a Christian Hip Hop artist, what was that like? Was it any different to working with any other rapper?

JAQUEBEATZ:  Its all the same, we’re musicians.

LR: How did you meet B.O.B.? And how did you get signed up under his label No Genre?

JAQUEBEATZ: It’s crazy because Bob and I went to the same high school, but I didn’t know him as well. I was discovered at an open mic session, where I was producing my songs and for other artists that went on before me.

LR: You recently released The GoodBeatz Mixtape. What inspired the project and what’s it all about?

JAQUEBEATZ:  It’s really a display, like a vending machine. This is all I have, now pick what you like.

LR: You also featured Emmaline whom Lavatory Records recently interviewed and is under the Grand Hustle stable, how did that collaboration come about?

JAQUEBEATZ: We’re good friends and we just hung out all night doing whatever we wanted until the song came up.

LR: Are there any acts from the African continent that you know of and highly regard?

JACQUEBEATZ: Not directly, although I know a lot of underground artists who have African descent.

LR: You’ve toured quite a bit, what’s been your most memorable live performance to date?

JAQUEBEATZ: Oxford, Ohio and Portland, Oregon. They loved us there.

LR: Any upcoming projects that people can look out for and any events they can catch you at?

JAQUEBEATZ: My Instagram (@JAQUEBEATZ) keeps all my fans updated on our upcoming shows, also (@LabelNoGenre) I’ll have a project coming soon.

LR: Any special mentions you want to shout out?

JAQUEBEATZ: Shout out to the whole label NO Genre.

Lavatory Records

Thank you JAQUEBEATZ for taking the time to speak to us. Follow him on Twitter: @JAQUEBEATZ, Instagram: @JAQUEBEATZ and SoundCloud.

Also check out the TheGoodBeatz mixtape by JAQUEBEATZ, available for free download and stream


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