Al Bender: “I’ve got respect for Tumi but for these three rounds, that’s going to be pretty hard to believe”  

Shout out to PerfectlyPenned on this feature with Al Bender.

Al Bender will make an appearance on Talk Is Cheap 3.



His concepts, mastery of the English language, artistic intelligence and subject matter is what cemented his place as one of the most talented emcees of this generation, a member of Flight Distance from Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Bender’s ability to relentlessly paint vivid pictures (well he does) with words using imagery on some other Sh*t, often his frustratingly witty and unparrallel diction -to drawing inspiration from great artists such as Qwel and Tom Waits (yes Tom Waits).

Al Bender, took some time out to discuss his upcoming trip to South Africa at Talk Is Cheap3 where he’ll be battling out with our very own Tumi (formerly with The Volume). This is the first time Scrambles4Money hosting not only just a Canadian but a decorated former KOTD champion.

Noam Chomskie: How much do you know about S4M?
  Al Bender: I’ve only seen a couple battles but it seems live out there…

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