Watch “Rollin In Dakar” and “The Pearl of Africa Series” on AfroLandTV Network

Lavatory Records

This week on AfroLandTV Network, you can watch Rollin In Dakar and The Pearl of Africa Series.

If you want to know about more about AfroLandTV Network, you can read the interview with AfroLandTV Network’s founder, Michael Maponga.

Rollin in Dakar

Lavatory Records

Five martial artists trained and competed with local martial artist; while living in the local community and traveled using public transportation, truly experiencing the culture, sights, and sounds, and challenges of operating in West Africa.

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The Pearl of Africa Series

Lavatory Records

Synopsis: Enter the life of Cleopatra Kambugu, a Ugandan transgender girl who was forced to flee to Kenya after being “outed” as homosexual in one of Uganda’s major tabloids. A story of love, hate and being transgender, in one of the worlds most homophobic places; The Pearl of Africa.

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