Yinks drops his fourth Single “Boss Chicka” – featuring Londoun Watson & Ylie

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Rapper and CEO of Boss Brain Entertainment Yinks,  has released his much anticipated single entitled Boss Chicka featuring Londoun Watson and Ylie. This release is fourth and final for his forthcoming album entitled The Red Carpet L.P.

Yinks who was interviewed by us back in March of this year, informed us that Boss Chicka is being play-listed on radio stations in the USA, particularly Baltimore and Los Angeles.

Boss Chicka is available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play Store.


Blister Jay Pop brings you the “Better Learn(Beat Tape)”

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Producer and Rapper; Blister Jay Pop has released his first ever official beat tape, which consists of mainly instrumentals called the  Better Learn (Beat Tape).

The tape features appearances from ImproPoe (who was interviewed by us in July of this year) Sell Kat, Indigo Niiio Vike and Cye.

The Qwa Qwa (Free State) native will be interviewed by us in the next year, had this to say to us about his project:

Better Learn (Beat Tape) is about me getting to know myself better as a music Producer. I have worked on various projects with other artists and I felt that Im at a point where I can let people hear my music, beats. I love listening to instrumentals and I know there are people who enjoy them too. I’ve been releasing single beats so I wanted to give the people a full on Beattape where they can jam beats and freestyle over them. I’m a boombap junkie and majority of the beats on the tape are boombap.

I switched my style up on track 13: Don SWAY.  It’s a different style from what people would expect from me. Versatility is important. I’ve learnt so many lessons on this Journey and Knowledge is power.

So you Better Learn.” 

Do look out for the interview with Blister Jay Pop in the new year.

Z3RO premieres “Bar Wars: Episode 1 – A New Hope”!

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With the latest Star Wars movie dropping on the same day, Z3R0 has flighted Episode 1 of his new installments called Bar Wars: Episode 1 – A New Hope, which is available for free download and streaming via AudiomackThe song is also available on SoundCloud for free download and streaming as well.

Z3R0 was interviewed by us during month of October, make sure you don’t miss! Z3R0 had this this regarding the latest song.

” The first track off of the new Z3R0 project ‘Z3R0 Goes To The Movies’ where he will be re-imagining the music and stories of some of his favourite films” 


Tre & Swayzi are set to Disturb The Peace

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Tre has just released his latest single entitled Disturbing The Peace featuring Swayzi. This is a single aimed to take off in the streets and is available for free download and streaming!

 Disturbing The Peace will be on Tre’s forthcoming MAD album. Tre who was interviewed by us back in April, had this to say about the single

” This single is about us standing against corrupt authority figures in the police that have constantly harassed us, and it was to finally show that we don’t give a f*** what people think…” – Tre 

This song is show to send some waves during the Day of Goodwill! Check out Tre’s website for more details!

Griffin & Tlalane presents “Love Your Life” in commemoration of International AIDS Day

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In light of International AIDS Day, Griffin Gamede the Managing Director of ZA Live Times magazine showcases his lyrical talents on a song featuring singer; Tlalane.

“Due to social illness and economic problems clouding and questioning our humanity one has to step up and voice the message of self belonging and respect through the art of urban hip-hop.

Love your Life raises awareness on the issue of HIV/AIDS,specially to the youth who tend to ignore the ever growing killer disease.” – Griffin Gamede

Do lookout for the interview with Mr Gamede in the new year.

Catch “In between Stories” on AfroLandTV

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The documentary being flighted this week on AfroLandTV Network is called In Between Stories which is available for free watching.

If you want to know about more about AfroLandTV Network, you can read the interview with AfroLandTV Network’s founder, Michael Maponga.

In Between Stories

In Between Stories

In Between Stories, a documentary that features four young artists from the African diaspora communities, as they navigate through the different narratives that make up their lives, they share what it means to be a young African in today’s society. Touching on issues including media representations of Africa, experiences of second-generation immigrant youth and the role of storytelling.

Read more.

It’s “Tre Day” all over again!

As a build up to the release of Tre’s forthcoming album entitled MAD, we have decided to showcase his previous studio offering entitled Tre Day!

According to Tre this album is the point of origin, that depicts the becoming Tre!  The album was temporarily shelved due to  differences in creative direction, with all those issues since being resolved and the album is now back in the public domain.

Tre Day delivers the true image of who Tre really is as an artist…” –  Tre

To also know more about the Cape Town born, Pretoria native affectionately known to us  as “Montana Max”,then please read our interview with Tre from back in May of 2015.

Be on the lookout for Tre’s new single off the upcoming MAD album, called Disturbing The Peace featuring Swayzi, to be released on the 16th of December 2015. Check Tre’s website out for more funky tunes!