It’s “Tre Day” all over again!

As a build up to the release of Tre’s forthcoming album entitled MAD, we have decided to showcase his previous studio offering entitled Tre Day!

According to Tre this album is the point of origin, that depicts the becoming Tre!  The album was temporarily shelved due to  differences in creative direction, with all those issues since being resolved and the album is now back in the public domain.

Tre Day delivers the true image of who Tre really is as an artist…” –  Tre

To also know more about the Cape Town born, Pretoria native affectionately known to us  as “Montana Max”,then please read our interview with Tre from back in May of 2015.

Be on the lookout for Tre’s new single off the upcoming MAD album, called Disturbing The Peace featuring Swayzi, to be released on the 16th of December 2015. Check Tre’s website out for more funky tunes!


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