Blister Jay Pop brings you the “Better Learn(Beat Tape)”

Lavatory Records

Producer and Rapper; Blister Jay Pop has released his first ever official beat tape, which consists of mainly instrumentals called the  Better Learn (Beat Tape).

The tape features appearances from ImproPoe (who was interviewed by us in July of this year) Sell Kat, Indigo Niiio Vike and Cye.

The Qwa Qwa (Free State) native will be interviewed by us in the next year, had this to say to us about his project:

Better Learn (Beat Tape) is about me getting to know myself better as a music Producer. I have worked on various projects with other artists and I felt that Im at a point where I can let people hear my music, beats. I love listening to instrumentals and I know there are people who enjoy them too. I’ve been releasing single beats so I wanted to give the people a full on Beattape where they can jam beats and freestyle over them. I’m a boombap junkie and majority of the beats on the tape are boombap.

I switched my style up on track 13: Don SWAY.  It’s a different style from what people would expect from me. Versatility is important. I’ve learnt so many lessons on this Journey and Knowledge is power.

So you Better Learn.” 

Do look out for the interview with Blister Jay Pop in the new year.


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