New on AfroLandTV Network: Offside Modernities, Renouncing Angelica & The SNATCHED Show

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New programmes that can be watched for free on AfroLandTV Network for this week are Offside Modernities, Renouncing Angelica and The SNATCHED Show.

If you want to know about more about AfroLandTV Network, you can read the interview with AfroLandTV Network’s founder,  Michael Maponga conducted in November of last year.

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Dreams Come Alive for DrumPIPO Ensemble!

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DrumPIPO Ensemble is a band that has been assembled from all part of Africa and are based in the Republic of South Africa. They specialise in the Afro-Pop category and can be regarded as folk musicians.

They have an album out entitled Dreams Come Alive which is available for purchase on iTunes.  You can also check out a few of their singles off Dreams Come Alive the album on their SoundCloud profile. Where you can stream singles such Living The Dream, Dedede Kwawe, Lobola, Chicken Stew and Days Gone By.

Be on the look out for our interview with Mr Philip Sowah from the DrumPIPO Ensemble, coming in the next few weeks.

Master Chef Toast retires his name after releasing “Home Made 3”

Here it is folks! Home Made 3 is now finally out! Backed up by production from Komishner and with a feature from Cilebls (Koena), Master Chef Toast has released the third installment of the Home Made Series.

Also to announce that there will be no more Master Chef Toast albums after Home Made 3. According to Master Chef Toast himself , his rapping days are done. Master Chef Toast has nothing to prove by rapping anymore…it’s a wrap (rap)! We will have more information on that in weeks to come.

With all that said, make sure you get Home Made 2 and Home Made 1 and complete the trilogy with the latest, Home Made 3!

Soothsayers say what they must!

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It is no doubt that the social media era has brought with it an element of a ‘concocted reality’, and as a reality the truth tends to be uncomfortable for many. However, the flip side is that whatever is posted on these social platforms is forever embedded on the interweb, even if it gets deleted off the platform. One needs to make sure that their story is straight from the onset as backtracking and retraction is virtually impossible.

For Hip Hop, and particularly the art of emceeing, even the traditional media platform is used as a soap box to speak one’s truth! Back in 1989 the rap group, Public Enemy, unsettled many people with the lyric “Elvis was a hero to most, But he never meant s**t to me you see, Straight up racist that sucker was...” on their song Fight The Power. The magnitude to send out such emotively resounding messages is what also made the group NWA very popular. It was made very clear what NWA’s thoughts were on Law Enforcement and the LAPD. A balance of checks is necessary in society as a whole, to even keep the authorities and mass media outlets in line.

This verbosity gave Hip Hop music a life form as an alternative enforcer and by blowing the whistle on injustices that arose.

The Soothsayers is a duo from Joburg who rather find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to expressing themselves to the full, while being mindful of the sensitive souls that dwell on social media nowadays. Political correctness is now the order of the day. One can draw somewhere in their name, that they’ve had to find a “soothing” way to convey their thoughts. We at Lavatory Records had to let them “Say What They Must”.

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Champion tell us “What I need” is VIP on his birthday

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On his birthday,  Oscar Oomens who is one half of the Drum And Bass duo Submatik released his new single on Liquicity’s label . The single off of Oscar’s solo projects is  called What I need (VIP) and is available for free download and streaming.


Happy birthday again to Oscar and please read the interview we had with his group  Submatik, along with his partner in crime Philip Dakowitz. 

Download “N’yadlala” by Gryphon prod. by Casper

Please make sure to check out Gryphon’s latest single called N’yadlala, available for free download!

Don’t forget to check out Gryphon’s interview with us from earlier this month.


Ny'adlala cover art

Check Gryphon’s long awaited fire single titled “N’yadlala” which was produced by Casper. Also download the January issue of ZA LIVE to read more about Gryphon and also more about Casper who is the cover feature for the month. Also catch up with gryphon in an interview with Lavatory Records.

Below are the links to the song download, January issue of ZA LIVE magazine download as well as a link to Gryphon’s interview with Lavatory Records…check it out!!!

Gryphon – N’yadlala prod. by Casper

Lavatory Records interview with Gryphon

Casper cover pic

ZA LIVE magazine January 2016 “Innovation” Edition



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Tre’s Method To The Madness (Mixtape)

Leading to his much anticipated project entitled MAD, the rapper out of Montana, Pretoria known as Tre released his mixtape entitled Method To The Madness.

The road to MAD has officially begun. According to Tre we can expect the MAD project in the final quarter of 2016. That is still to be confirmed… in the mean time you can download,stream and enjoy the free Method To The Madness mixtape, where you can enjoy singles such as Hol’Up featuring Swayzi and many other songs.

IT’S A MAD HOUSE EVERYBODY! Check out Tre’s website for more updates and music!

Denzyl’s debut and self-discovery

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Gone are the days where A&R (Artist & Repertoire) and Talent Managers were there to do it for an artist and ultimately place them in a “sales category”.  Nowadays the onus lies with the artists to find their own sound and fan base. Classifying an artist under a particular category may be harder due to today’s wider genres and subsequently a draw of niches.

Singer, Denzyl is one such artist who’s been going through the discovery path. The ‘feel-felt-found’ method has seen Denzyl, real name Denzil Pillay, release his self-titled EP which dropped in December 2015. Denzyl got into music when he was just 5 years old; and so this lass, who hails from KwaZulu Natal, felt now is the time to set his debut and give everyone a taste of his offering.

Denzyl spoke to Lavatory Records about the early stages of his career, divulging the challenges he’d faced, his ambitions and journey thus far.

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Watch “Breaking The Wall”, “The German”, “End Of The Beginning”, “Courage” and “The Square of the Cube” on AfroLandTV Network

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This week on AfroLandTV Network you can watch Breaking The Wall, The German, End Of The Beginning ,Courage and The Square of the Cube.

If you want to know about more about AfroLandTV Network, you can read the interview with AfroLandTV Network’s founder,  Michael Maponga conducted in November of last year.

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