Denzyl’s debut and self-discovery

Lavatory Records

Gone are the days where A&R (Artist & Repertoire) and Talent Managers were there to do it for an artist and ultimately place them in a “sales category”.  Nowadays the onus lies with the artists to find their own sound and fan base. Classifying an artist under a particular category may be harder due to today’s wider genres and subsequently a draw of niches.

Singer, Denzyl is one such artist who’s been going through the discovery path. The ‘feel-felt-found’ method has seen Denzyl, real name Denzil Pillay, release his self-titled EP which dropped in December 2015. Denzyl got into music when he was just 5 years old; and so this lass, who hails from KwaZulu Natal, felt now is the time to set his debut and give everyone a taste of his offering.

Denzyl spoke to Lavatory Records about the early stages of his career, divulging the challenges he’d faced, his ambitions and journey thus far.


Lavatory Records: Describe Denzyl (Denzil Pillay) as a person and an artist?

Denzyl: Denzyl is a humble, very open-minded and highly fashionable dude who loves socialising. Denzyl is a fan of any music that sounds good. I have been involved in music at the age of 5. I love people and helping them, as a result I am also equipped to offer counselling. This is one of the reasons why I started and run an NPO (Disabled Peoples Foundation) to help and encourage people just like me to live better lives.

LR: How would you classify your style of music?

Denzyl: At this stage I can’t really classify my style, but I can tell you this; I have written 37 songs with my guitar! I have basically touched most types of genres so far, from R&B, blues, house, jazz funk, salsa dance vibes, rock, alternative rock, electronic dance etc. I want to cater for all types of people and not restrict myself.

LR: Which artists have influenced your music?

Denzyl: Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, John Legend, Prince, Kaybee, Oskido, Mi Casa, The Weeknd  and Sam Smith.

LR: What has been the biggest challenge so far in your music career?

Denzyl: I am a person living with a disability (multiple sclerosis), which sometimes weighs me down. This is the hardest challenge for my music career, as this condition can disturb my music.

LR: If resources and timing were not a factor, which artists/producers would you like with the most?

Denzyl: I’d like to play alongside Jimi Hendrix.

Lavatory Records

LR: Your self-titled E.P. was released in December 2015; why an E.P. instead of a full-length album?

Denzyl: I was going to release a full-length album but because my first album was a multi-genre album, I just wanted to take things slow.

LR: Your duet with Tanya has a rather interesting title, ‘Hate You Love You’. What’s the concept behind that?

Denzyl: Hate You Love You is about a couple who can’t let go of each other. It seems like a long relationship that has been through the mill, fire and any storm that could tear them apart and they’re still holding on to each other because nothing else matters.

LR: Music is not the only thing you do, please take us through your day-to-day life?

Denzyl: My day job is at National Renal Care as an administrator. However, I’m involved in numerous other music-related activities. Apart from being a founder of Disabled Peoples Foundation, I’m a vocal student at Destiny Music Academy. I also used to be the praise and worship leader/ music coordinator at my local church, Phoenix Baptist Church. I also write my own music with melodies.

LR: What more can we expect from you in terms of future projects or events?

Denzyl: I think I’m here to stay, so you just have to wait and see (LOL)!

Lavatory Records

LR: Are there any special mentions you would like to shout out?

Denzyl: My producer Anthony Govender at Omega studios, my vocal coach Tanya Morrison and Destiny Music Academy.  My Family and friends for their support and Lavatory Records.

We thank Denzyl speaking with us! If you want to know more about him you can get him on his personal Facebook Account, Facebook Page, LinkedIn , Twitter  and Instagram. Also don’t forget to check out his self-titled EP.


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