From boom bap to Blister Jay Poppin’ as a producer!

Lavatory Records

If you didn’t know Blister Jay Pop, then ya’ll “better learn” who he is, right about now. It is quite befitting for the rapper & producer who is renowned for his boom bap sound, to be from the Free State.  By then deciding to exhibit his eclectic offering after releasing his debut production entitled the Better Learn (Beat Tape) , is testament of his now “Free State” of mind.

If you didn’t know Blister Jay Pop then ya’ll “better learn” who he is right about now. Blister Jay Pop’s eclectic latest offering is a testament of his ‘free state’ of mind, which is quite befitting as this rapper/producer hails from the province of the Free State. Renowned for his boom bap sound, his current release is a follow-up to his debut production mixtape/album titled Better Learn (Beat Tape).

We spoke to Blister Jay Pop about a variety of things; from how he unusually acquired his name, the diversification of his sound, his influences and plans for the future.

Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records: Who is Blister Jay Pop and what’s the reason behind the name?

Blister Jay Pop: BLISTER is a Producer, Beat-maker & Emcee from QWA-QWA. The story about how the name came up is quite funny but tight (lol). Back when I was starting with the music I went through a lot of stage names you know… until someday I was chilling and I had a blister under my foot. I had on these Jordan kicks, so the blister popped inside the shoe and I thought that was cool! So then “Blister Jay Pop” popped in my head and I’m like ‘’yeaaah that’s me’ ha ha!

LR: You are known as a rapper now turned producer, are you ditching the mic for the mixing desk?

BJP: Well I am actually doing both, I have major love for both art forms.

LR: Who are your musical inspirations?

BJP: I have quite a lot, but let me mention a few. KRS 1, Aesop Rock, 9th Wonder, Ben Sharpa, Ez Elpee, Biggie, Mf Doom you know…

LR: When Billboard released its “Top 10 Best Rappers of all time” list late last year (2015), what were your thoughts? Did you agree/ disagree with the list?

BJP:  I agree with some but I don’t see KRS 1 so the list needs some work (lol).

LR: The Better Learn (Beat Tape) was your producing debut, how did the streets and Hip Hop heads received the project?

BJP: Judging from the feedback I got, I’d say they loved it! It was not just Hip Hop heads even House, reggae, whatever heads… because they all showed love.

LR: Not trying to put you in the state of over-committing, but can we expect a Better Learn (Beat Tape) number 2?

BJP:  Ha ha you can definitely expect a Better Learn Beat Tape number 2.

Lavatory Records

LR: You consider yourself a Boom Bap producer, how’s your sound cultivated to be more diverse and not be stuck in a box?

BJP: Music is music you can’t say you’re doing only one genre or one style, just like any other job you must learn how to be flexible. As an artist you work with other artists and they have different styles, especially if you are a producer. You get emails from people that do all these sounds and they want beats, so you have to learn how to be very diverse and be able to provide them with what they need.

LR: Which producers/ artists would you like to work with if the opportunity was to present itself?

BJP: I would like to work with Simphiwe Dana, Aesop Rock, Kid Cudi, Mf Doom, Dr Dre, Erykah Badu… there are a lot of artists I would like to work with.

LR: Are there any projects/ events you’ll be involved in that people can look out for in the near future?

BJP: I’m gonna be involved in some projects but I won’t announce them now. The time will come.

LR: Do you have any shouts-outs you wanna mention?

BJP: Yeah yeah S/O to my main mans Raf D, Indigo Niiio, ImproPoe, Vike and Sell Kat.  Shout Out to my followers and supporters!

Lavatory Records

Thanks to Blister Jay Pop for taking the time out to chat to us. If you want to follow his moves you can do so on Facebook and Twitter.  Remember to peep his debut project, called Better Learn (Beat Tape).


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