SLAP Battles Invades Tampa Bay at Flavor Fest

Lavatory Records

SLAP Battles went to Tampa, Florida in October (8 – 10) at Flava Fest and put on 3 battles at the event. Which Zach Is Nobody up in action at the event.

To know more about the SLAP Battles participants and the movement, please ensure to read our interview with 3PFD that was conducted in November of 2015.  Also read our interview with Zach Is Nobody who was interviewed in April of 2015.

According to the press release by SLAP Battles: Back in October 2015, the SLAP Battles team took their show on the road, as they traveled to Tampa, FL for Flavor Fest 2015.  They were there to participate in the urban ministry conference as artists, students, and volunteers; however, they had to get in a couple battles during the lunch breaks.  One of these battles is Patience vs. Instant Gratification, dubbed “The Battle for Your Time and Heart”, which pitted Zach Is Nobody vs. Ike Hill.

Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records


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