Tony Dangler exudes the answer to “Who’s The Boss”

Lavatory Records

Many people who follow the underground Hip Hop scene would have known Tony Dangler as Fudge Fugitive, before he adopted his new alias. The dangling may just be a personification of his cool, laid back nature and smooth rhyming, which ultimately contributes to the different flavours you can find within the Revivolution Clique.

With Tony, being the boss is not necessarily the Hip Hop association that you find with the Rick Ross’ or the Birdmans’ about getting paid and having people to pay. In Tony’s instance it’s about embodying being an emcee (MC) as a form of mastery and that mastery of self. Since partaking in the Sprite Uncontainable Search which took him all the way to New Orleans a few years ago, he’s gone through some redefining moments. When one’s horizons expand, perspectives change and the possibilities become infinite.

Since then he’s released his collaboration album with Canadian producer, Sam Static called Tone Static EP, which was released towards the end of 2015. We reached out to Tony after having previously chatted to his Revivolution mates ImproPoe and Inferno Williams. We spoke to Mr “Swank_N_Dank” about his latest project, his coming of age and name switch, and his battle rap days among other things.

Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records: Describe who Tony Dangler is?

Tony Dangler: Tony Dangler is about rhyme slingin’, inner-city livin’, blunt splittin’ and Uber cab zippin’ ha ha ha!!! Ay I’m just a regular n**** to many peeps fam, I’m unknown to even more peeps, but I guess Tony Dangler is just a laid back n**** who can rap, is a part of Revivolution… and once took a pic with Drake. Brrrrrrr!

LR: You were known as Fudge The Fugitive at one point. What made you change to Tony Dangler?

TD: I just brought a new persona to my entire style. I go home and errrbody still call me Fudge or Dafugitive, hell my homies in the J still use that so I just feel like it ain’t change really. However I think Tony Dangler got a snap to it that I dig and think was a dope change that came after my success in the Sprite Uncontainable Search. The change came with a new perspective and new attitude, my work ethic changed and I felt a certain growth, which made the climate perfect for a name change. Dangler was a play on Danza, due to Tony being my real name.

LR: What is it like being part of Revivolution and working with the crew?

TD: Too dope. I swear my boys are literally the n*****s I hang with every day or whenever, are pretty much also the dopest emcees, producers, graphic designers, animators and directors in the country! Actually they are the dopest on this continent I think. So it’s a total trip bruh. We always maxin’, talkin’ jive, looking fly and doing us while keepin’ the culture alive. We literally carry that energy into the music, the vids and everything else we do.

LR: We have seen you battle on the ‘Scrambles 4 Money’ stage and on ‘Art of War’. How would you describe the battle rap experience and will we see you back anytime soon?

TD: Well battling for me was not new really, I had been battling cats in cyphers back in the 033 (Pietermaritzburg) with Guerrilla Tactics (Shout outs family). So when the opportunity came about to battle at Art of War (AOW) I had to adjust a bit, because we all know that THAT stage is no cypher. So it was mad dope that I actually got to the finals of the AOW competition and face Gin-I Grimes. At Scrambles 4 Money I started out well and seemed to lose the plot a few battles along the way, however that s**t was thrilling. I remember the feeling I had when I battled Topaz, I really do miss such moments.  So I put battling aside for the sake of putting out some more music and maintaining my own sanity, because rap battle fans and battle rap judges were really starting to convince me that I was wack. Get out here widdat! I could battle again I guess, it would take the right amount of motivation and well an opponent worth bringing the beast outta me.

LR: What has it been like taking the solo music route?

TD: It has been awesome so far. I am really starting to tune into my specific audience and the more I do it, the more I grow and become comfortable and confident with my work. It has its difficulties such as performing alone, compiling and releasing music on your own and also having to cater for fans that are used to a certain sound (Revivo sound). However I am dealing, and learning to adjust where I can’t deal and things are gaining momentum. I really appreciate everybody who is supporting the kid, aight!

LR: How did the Tone Static EP come about, given that the producer Sam Static is from Canada?

TD: Well I basically knew Sam Static while he was out in SA studying for a bit, doing his undergrad. I met him through Mr Makonga and we became pretty thick over time. Homie already had hella crazy s**t then, he and Vez Fullstop were in a production clique known as The 40 Bustaz. So he hit me up with an idea on the “nigg*nets”, and we polly’d about putting out some tapes and how this first one should sound and the rest is history.

Lavatory Records

LR: On a more controversial theme, you were accused of style biting or “swagger jacking” on your recent album. How would you want to address that entire backlash?

TD: Well I have a clear conscience and with regards to this and I been transparent about everything. The homie who accused me hit me up and said I done bit the sample and the concept of his joint. The songs may have similarities but nah fam, the sample used pitched differently and the lyrics were about my life, my dad who passed and my environment (inner joburg). I had never heard his joint nor knew of it prior to this accusation and to tell you the truth; it’s a reach to say the songs are alike. I don’t know, I never took this accusation to heart and neither did I hear the homie out. He shared his music on my Facebook and did not get the reaction he had hoped for, so in the end it really was worth nothing. Check out my Rebates, matter’fact check out all the tracks on The Tone Static Ep and tell me if you think my work is unoriginal in any way, and I shall give you an audience. However please do note that I really do not need to bite swag, be it locally or internationally, for you to listen to my shit. That is an insult to my God-given talent.

LR: What are your personal interests away from Hip Hop, which most people wouldn’t know about you?

TD: Well I am a bad ass gamer. Yeah best believe I clean up shop. I am keen blunt connoisseur. I tutor undergraduate students. I am a Philosophy Master’s Student.

LR: What can we expect from you and the crew, in terms of future projects and events?

TD: Mad Videos, A Revivo Album, Mad Videos (again), some Big Stage Appearances, Fly Apparel. FuS Solo Tape, El Flacko Diablo Tape, ImproPoe Solo Tape. Illy Amin also dropping… I swear we gon’ hurt the game this year!

LR: Any special mentions you want to shout out?


Shouts to Revivolution, there’s way too many of you Negr*es to mention one by one.

Shouts to everybody who been with the kid, 033 family, 011 niggas.

Shouts to my ego


We would like to thank Tony Dangler from the Revivo stable for coming through and talking to us. Keep up with his moves, follow him on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud. You can also follow the Revivolution on Facebook and on Twitter.

Also don’t forget to download or stream the free project by Tony Dangler and Sam Static called Tone Static EP.


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