Ampli-Fire DeCheff gets amplified in the kitchen

Lavatory Records

What happens when you mix Hip Hop, with a dancer, engineer and a genealogy of a “cook”? The answer is Ampli-Fire DeCheff! Not to be confused with his good friend and homeboy Master Chef Toast, whom we have featured on numerous occasions on the Lavatory Records platform.

Ampli-Fire DeCheff who hails from Lebowa in Limpopo is renowned for his straight talk and direct punches. The in-your-face, “going for the jugular” trait is not only something that has been honed from battling in cyphers, but also dually something that is intrinsically him even in every day conversation. Befittingly, his birth name is Percy just like New Orleans rapper Master P, who is also known for his militant deliberation and drill sergeant-like rap delivery.

Affectionately known as Amp, the rapper took some time to talk to us about his orientation to Hip Hop, how he adopted his style of music and poetry, his forthcoming project called Doppler Effect and its unusual concept. Of course there are numerous other things Amp also shared with us, to get us “amped up” on what he has been cooking up.

Lavatory Records: Who is Ampli-Fire DeCheff and how did the name come about?

Ampli-Fire DeCheff: Ampli-Fire DeCheff is an Emcee Poet, Ghost-Writer, Performer, Dancer and mostly a Punchline Specialist.

The name “Ampli-Fire” is a derivative from amplifier, which is a sound device. I always loved music and sound so all I did was to split the name to “Ample Fire”

DeCheff is just a straight up translation from my last name, Maapeya, which means “The Cook”, so since a Chef is a professional cook the name just clicked. I use double “f” to give the name some weight.

LR: What kick-started your desire to get into music?

A-F DC: It all started in high school, peer pressure from friends spitting at cyphers during break time; and every Friday we’d go to State Theatre. Katz like Oz, Dr Panic, Paradox, Vocab and N’veigh held it down. I was only observing at the time. Katz who really got me into Hip Hop are Ten_Ton_Tongue, Auth3ntic, Melusi, Jean-Luc and Isaac (MJIse).

I was a fan of Kwaito and House hence I’m a dancer. Hip Hop started while I studied engineering and had a lot more messages to offer than all other genres. I used to listen to Zola a lot.

LR: Who are your top 5 emcees in no particular order?

A-F DC: ProVerb; Tumi; Crooked I; Hopsin and Kwesta.

LR: You have a straight talk direct way of deliberating your poetry and raps. How did you adopt that style?

A-F DC: Through ‘cyphers’ and ‘battles’, I started as a ‘battle kat’ and as an emcee one can spit about anything at anytime – The Power of a Freestyle Mind. Even the music one listens to plays a role. But these days I listen to almost every genre because I’d like to be labelled as a musician and not just as a typical emcee.

Lavatory Records

LR: You’re about to drop an album called Doppler Effect, what can people expect from it?

A-F DC: Pure classics man. I’d like to drop a double disc album. One disc straight Poetry and the other Rhythm And Poetry.

There’s a lil’ twist though, Doppler Effect will be under the name Ampli-Fire and will contain 16 exclusive tracks. Expect any concept and type in this one. You’ll find conscious, hype, trap and slow jam. On this one I’m featuring Collyna, Ten_Ton_Tongue and others will unfold.

The second disc will be under DeCheff and will title it Food For Thought. This one will contain pure Poetry and I’ll feature members of D.O.T and others.

Most of the beats are engineered by Las’Chapter and the graphics are done by Ten_Ton_Tongue

LR: You and Master Chef Toast are both from the same hood, with similar names and doing the same genre of music. Is there any possibility of you two collaborating?  

A-F DC: Oh yeah man. Toast and I have been discussing recording an EP together. It’s only a matter of time ’till we jump in the kitchen booth and cook food for thought for listeners’ brains to digest.

LR: If you were presented with an opportunity to work with any artists out there, who would it be?

A-F DC: Uhmmmn let’s see… I’d go for Ab Crazy for his finest touches on hooks and choruses. Morale has got the dopest flow and twang. Kwesta for his sickest punch lines and none other than thee professional verbalist for everything that has to do with Hip Hop. He’s been my favorite ever since 2005 after all.

LR: If there’s anything you’d like the world to know about Ampli-Fire DeCheff that differentiates you from your contemporaries, what would it be?

A-F DC: The name is Percy Maapeya, born and raised in Limpopo Lebowakgomo Zone A, then later groomed in Cap-City, Atteridgeville. I then studied Electrical Engineering at Tshwane South College. I’m now an incumbent at a Projects and Training firm, doing a Monday to Friday labour there. On weekends I’m a casual worker at a funeral parlour.

LR: Apart from Doppler Effect are there any other projects or gigs you are involved with, that you’d like your followers to know about?

I’m in a clan of Poets named “D.o.T” an acronym for “Depth of Thought”, we’re engineering a Train of Thought Mixtape.

As Depth of Thought we’ve recently conceived Universal-Ville Cyphers, an event where we meet on Fridays at Makhaza Sports Grounds in Saulsville and kick cyphers.

Illumination also offered me a feature on Microphone Addicts Cypher. I’m also a Poet at Dream Champs Productions, which was Found by Bruce Champ.

LR: Any special mentions you want to shout out?

A very special shout out to Las’Chapter’s Beats.

Malefactor on the Beat (Illumination Records), Ten_Ton_Tongue, Collyna Novellys, Omniscient, Chef Toast, Farhaad, Thulz and HKD!

Thanks to Ampli-Fire DaCheff for granting us this interview. If you wanna keep up with Amp, follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on SoundCloud.

For bookings and enquiries you can send him an email at:


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