Minus with the Take-Away!

Lavatory Records

The objective of an emcee is to leave Hip Hop fans with something to hold on to!  Be it memorable lyrics, underlying messages, songs or just glimpses of their uniquely differentiating personality traits. The idea is to leave an impression just like the show 30 Seconds To Fame, except with more opportunities and time to make the impression. This concept is called “The takeaway”.

Minus, one half of FnM and is completed by his band mate Falcone, is one emcee who has taken on the role of being Rap’s “negative integer”. Not to say he is in anyway neither negative nor toxic in terms of the essences that contribute to Hip Hop. Minus just happens to be a highly regarded punch-liner who leaves fans with something memorable to hold on to.

In this interview we spoke to the rapper about what to expect from FnM in the future, battle rap career and aspirations, his solo endeavours and his general perspective on a number of things within the industry.



Lavatory Records: Who is Minus and how did you get the name?

Minus: Minus is an MC born and raised in Soweto (Mapetla) but now resides in the East Rand (Alberton). I got the name from cyphers in my High School, a lot of cats would be afraid to rhyme after me…so the number of MCs got subtracted when I was around.

LR: Which musical acts had an influence on your style?

Minus: Firstly, I’m not a fan of Tupac and Biggie like everyone is, my old-time greats are Big Pun and Big L. I feel I was raised more by Hip Hop than my parents, so the artists that shaped my character, attitude and demeanour in my early years were Nas, Canibus, Eminem and Vinny Paz.

LR: Your band mate Falcone already told us how F&M were formed. In your opinion, what makes F&M different from other Hip Hop duos?

Minus: We are already formidable forces as separate entities, but the combination of me and Falcone creates a nuclear energy and breaks boundaries of creativity. Falcone and I listened to the same music growing up, so we provide the listeners with a boundless perspective on matters from two different perspectives but with the same illness and delivery

Lavatory Records

LR: We’ve seen you in the battle rap circuits during the Art Of War/Grind Time SA days, why did you not pursue battle rap as a career?

Minus: Battle rapping isn’t really my forte; I was checking how versatile I am as a rapper and test my MC skills. But I’m now reconsidering doing it again because I feel that none of my competitors really gave me a challenge, which is what the point of the exercise was.

LR: When Billboard released its “Top 10 Best Rappers of all time” list late last year (2015), what were your thoughts? Did you agree/ disagree with the list?

Minus: It must’ve been compiled in a crack-house. There are too many discrepancies but the 1st change I’d implement is placing Nas 3rd, Eminem 2nd and Rakim 1st.

Lavatory Records

LR: If the opportunity was to present itself, which producers/ artists would you like to work with?

Minus: I’m more anxious to work with a couple of producers like Sky Klinic (Sta B), Uni Verse (from Titus Track Entertainment) and I’m currently working with Falcone as a producer. I’m also currently working with a dope MC by the name of Hloni and would love to work with is Z3R0 (from Titus Track Entertainment).

LR: Knowing what you know about the SA music industry, what changes would you be happy to see?

Minus: A platform to give new artists a break (e.g. more shows like THE HUSTLE, more shows like THE FULL CLIP on radio stations and such) because it seems like we subjected to the same acts on rotation and they dictate the whole Hip Hop movement!

Lavatory Records

LR: When can the people expect an album from you?

Minus: I’m currently working on a “MASTER-PIECE” that should drop around August 2016…but Falcone and I are working on an FnM project which should drop around June 2016. But there will be free-styles dropped on social media here and there in the meantime.

LR: Are there any projects/ events you’ll be involved in that people can look out for in the near future?

Minus: Hloni and I are working on a mixtape with a couple of other East Rand cats such as Jermaine and Trigger Vendetta, which should drop and be available for download around July 2016.

Lavatory Records

LR: Do you have any shouts-outs you want to mention?

Minus: Just to Falcone… FNM FOR LIFE homes!

Thank you Minus for opening up to us and sharing your experiences. If you would like to follow him, you can send him a request on Facebook and join the FnM Facebook Group.

You can also follow his partner in crime, Falcone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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