Hustling is the new “Blacks”

Lavatory Records

For those fortunate local hip hop fans that know Morris Blacks, what is quite clear about him is that he is a highly determined go-getter. He is renowned for his varying tempo and charged energy, with a delivery that resembles U.S. rappers Ace Hood and Plies.

Morris Blacks is about making it against the odds and putting him and his associates from HustleDoug Entertainment on the map. The man affectionately known as Blacks granted Lavatory Records an opportunity to interview him.

After rounding his BBB Event with his good friend and affiliate Yinks (who is by no means a stranger to us), Morris discussed his plans for the future and his previous project Aint Ish Without God among other things.

Lavatory Records: When asked “who is Morris Blacks”, how do you describe him to the world?

Morris Blacks: Morris Blacks is a juggin’, flexin’ and finessin’ rapper.

LR: Where are you from and what was your upbringing like?

MB: I’m from Midrand and honestly the come up wasn’t easy at all ‘cause it’s a lot of b**** n****z in the game than the real ones.

LR: What prompted you to start making music?

MB: I started making music wen I was 9 so I really don’t remember.

LR: Who are your favourite artists across any genre?

MB: I listen to my music and my Hustledougs Squad music only. I am my own idol in Africa. Internationally, I look up to Eminem and Wayne.

LR: Which emcees would you say shaped your style the most? And how would you classify it?

MB: Taqric Mass, Crush Marshal, Ovadoza, Dimo Amatoka! They are my team, my fam, my brothers. Our styles relate to each other! We create hits from scratch. We don’t wait for others to pop to follow their trend. Rather we create our own wave. We do our own Real Rap/Gangster type music and a bit of trap.

LR: In 2014 you dropped a mixtape called “Ain’t Ish Without God”. How was that tape received?

MB: The tape did great… I just posted it on Reverbnation and never pushed it ‘cause I was focused on singles and shooting videos only.

LR: If you had to be locked up in studio with one singer, one rapper and one producer, who would they be?

MB: Yung Newton will be the singer I’d choose, he is droppin’ soon too. As for another rapper…that will be Eminem. In terms of producers: Tswaka or Reverb360.

LR: You made a contribution to the IMF Volume 1 Mixtape. What do you think of the initiative and its potential reach moving forward in the series?

MB: I love the entire project of it!!

LR: When taking a break from the music, what do you get up to?

MB: I just grind till I break in.

LR: Do you have any projects or upcoming gigs in the pipeline that you want the world to know about?

MB: My album is almost done and it’s droppin’ this year! The album tittle will be announced after my 3 official singles. I have a joint #REDSEA Mixtape that I am currently working on with my homie Crush Marshal droppin’ soon… shootin a video of the single off it called Rich. Yung Newton got a song ft. myself and Nasty C droppin’ soon. Got new material featuring Taqric Mass on the way too. My first official single is called My Mama Name and I cannot say much about it, but I all I can say is that’s the one! It features Dimo Amatoka and someone else I can’t say they name at this point. All details on the Morris Blacks Page… or twitter @Morrisblacks and @HustledougsEnt.

LR: Anyone you wanna send shouts to?

MB: First off I wanna send a Big S/O to my manager and founder of Hustledougs Entertainment David Genarodina. He’s been always on my side ever since. He a real n**** and he deserves a big one! So yeah shout out to David ma n****! Let’s get this money and light the Blunt up!! S/O to my n**** Yinks… he a real nigga too!

Bookingz @HustledougsEnt

Thanks to Morris Blacks for taking a moment to talk to us. If you would like to keep up with his moves follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Reverbnation. You can follow Hustledougs Entertainment on Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure you check out the Aint Ish Without God album as well.


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