Introducing Sicks the inventor!


Sicks is back! Those who know this rapper-cum-producer would know that he had hung up his mic to focus on the mixing desk, that is, being a producer. He has since re-branded himself as an all-round creative and picked up the mic again!

At times, for one to move forward one may have to take a step backward. This is what Sicks exemplifies. Through spending his recreational time making beats, he was then able to express himself over those beats, therefore giving us a whole artistic creation of his own.

This young man from Richards Bay has worked with the likes of Illy Amin and Tony Dangler from the Revivolution. He shed some light on his career and his plans for the future.

Lavatory Records: Who is Sicks Krk and what is the reason behind the name?

Sicks:  uSicks umjita oBlind (a dope dude) in short and the reason behind the name is a secret only my shifu (師傅) knows about.

LR: When and how did you realize that making music was for you?

Sicks: The realisation was made in 2007 when I moved to Birdswood, which was a new neighbourhood and I had to find something to do indoors besides swimming and gaming. You know, so one holiday my nephew and I downloaded instrumentals and started f’n with them to pass time and stay outta trouble. Next thing I’m making beats and recording peoples and I’m known for this in my new neighborhood, by then I didn’t need any new friends – they needed me.

LR: How would you classify your sound?

Sicks: It’s genre-less. You can’t really classify it. I don’t even know myself, I’m still finding myself as a human being so it’s only right my sound finds itself too.

LR: What made you decide to come back to rapping?

Sicks: I was encouraged by people who’ve heard me do it before in high school asking “yo where your new raps”? So I decided to come back to being an artist not only a rapper but a writer, singer and an inventor of words too; and just take the whole journey to a whole new level.

LR: Who have you worked with so far in your career?

Sicks: CHroniza, MHM I, Maejor, Mr Riz, Tony Dangler, Kam, Sammy Kiloz,TeflonDon, Lunatik, Cardo, Papi Action , Illy Amin , Nator , RoyFlow , 015 Fresh , Blaklez, Smashis, DrumzbySandy, BladeHooks, Amnesty, Mlumisi, Gary  etc.

Lavatory Records

LR: Name one producer and one artist you would most like to work with, and why?

Sicks: Artist – Amy Winehouse, she was the best vocalist and still is for me, she’s just crazy! We have some unfinished business (lol) she must come back!

Producer – Kanye West, cause he is a sampling guru and I love sampling.

LR: If you had to be an opening act for three A-list artists, who would they be and where would you wanna perform with each?

Sicks: Biggy Smalls at MGM Arena, Amy Winehouse at Stamford Bridge in London and Pavarotti in my back yard; my moms was a huge fan.

LR: What projects do you have up your sleeve that people can look out for?

Sicks: Gon be dropping a tape with MHM I from Bacegang called Art & B; and a couple of feature verses and hooks. Oh and videos… I have 2 videos ready to drop anytime and a surprise EP.

LR: Away from music, what are your hobbies and other interests?

Sicks: I’m a FIFA god and i happen to be a lethal goal scorer in real life too so soccer is kinda like my thing and watching anime and cartoons is also cool.

LR: Special mentions you wanna shout out?

Sicks: S/o to my mom, the family and everybody who’s praying for me. Ne Slovania obviously.

Thanks to Sicks for the chat! Follow his moves on AudioMack and on Facebook.


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