Value Chain: The kind of relationships you form will make or break you

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While growing up you may have heard sayings like “birds of a feather flock together”, “you are who you surround yourself with” etc. These sayings, pertaining to the company one chooses to keep, may be cliched but never get tired. The fundamental principle is that those who value the same things and share the same interests will find each other; and therefore naturally add value to one another. The concept of value adding is very important in trade and commerce and can be applied in music too.

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According to Investopedia: “Value added is the enhancement a company gives its product or service before offering the product to customers”. In the context of the artist operating within the music industry, this would entail the artist having to take the role of being a producer in the economic sense. Your music composition would be adversely affected by your band mates, featured artists, music producer/ beatmaker, your post production audio engineer, and the publishing house that manufacture your CDs – all these people would be established as adding value to your final song as a product. These inputs ultimately affect the final outcome of the song you compose, to which you (as a composer) would find hard to quantify. This means, for as long as you as the composer/producer and your fans are happy with the final product, how much you spent into creating that piece of art is of little importance. Bearing in mind that the entire process of the creation of your work does not leave you in a pool of debt and you are staying within your means.

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Inferno Williams releases El Flako Diablo


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Inferno Williams from the Revivolution has dropped his new single entitled El Faklo Diablo , which is also accompanied with the official music video

The single is available on SoundCloud for free streaming and download.


Make sure to also check out the music video on YouTube.

Slayed Selections Episode 05 by KING//HER

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In Episode 05 of Slayed Selections by none other than EDM DJ Extraordinaire:   KING//HER, it goes into new territory for her.

To give a synopsis of this week’s episode as given on the Beast Mode Facebook page:


Make sure you also take a listen to Episode: 01 , Episode: 02 , Episode: 03  and Episode 04 of the Slayed Selections Series.

If you want to know more about KING//HER, please read our interview with DJ extraordinaire KING//HER, conducted in March of 2016.



Uniekgrace steps into her musical calling through the light


Uniekgrace is a musician who has made the world her home and has been exposed to a diverse amount of cultures. Born in Nigeria, educated in the USA and now calling Belgium home; Uniekgrace has had to draw inspiration from her migratory life in order to cultivate her own musical sound; and in the process may have even been gently nudged into her greater calling.

Along her journey Uniekgrace has faced and survived some trying times, which led her to the recording of the single I’m A Survivor. Through her tribulations she found solace in the higher power and recorded the track Jesus Is Real, giving greater significance as to grace being part of who she is.

We had the opportunity to have a chat with Uniekgrace about her beginnings in the music industry, her latest single Heal Our Land and her future plans.

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