KING//HER bakes a dozen on Slayed Selections Episode 12



KING//HER pulls out her deck of cards, with this royal dozen roses – with the signature bouquet wrapped as Slayed Selections Episode 12. Though, this is not quite a send off for the Slayed Selections Series so rest assured that KING//HER will keep slaying.

Don’t forget to check out the earlier installments of the Slayed Selections Episodes. If you want to know even more about her, then you can read the interview with KING//HER from March in 2016.


“Getting jiggy” with radio presenter Big Will from Studio 816


Big Will, real name William Smith (not to be confused with the famous actor/rapper Will Smith), is a radio presenter at Studio 816, an internet radio station in Kansas City, Missouri. The host of the Studio 816 in the mix show is a very friendly and warm brother who has great love for music and a flair for real conversation with real people. Big Will also happens to be from Missouri also known as the “Show Me” state, which tells you that on his show he’s right at home.

Lavatory Records

Big Will who’s always had love for the entertainment industry in general, attributes his break into the radio industry by to putting God first as his way of life and remaining humble. He was kind enough to speak to us about his passion for media and the radio space, breaking into the industry, his love of music and origins of the Street Cred: Volume 1 mixtape series. He also got into a number of other things with us.

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Slayed Selections Episode 11 by KING//HER


Since the announcement of KING//HER being brand ambassador for Qualito Vodka, the Tech has still has not stopped with the “slaying of sessions. This week she has unveiled Slayed Selections Episode 11.

Here is more on her update on the Qualito Vodka range and the KING//HER fan club then see the image below:

Lavatory Records

 Also don’t forget to check out the rest of the Slayed Selections Episodes. If you want to know even more about her, then you can read the interview with KING//HER from March in 2016.

Songstress Annastasia Nicol set to make her debut on rapper Tre’s single ‘Enough’

Lavatory Records

For many people embarking on music as a career is of a process of self-discovery. It’s a gut-check period where an artist tries to figure out where they belong – be it as a performer, in production or elsewhere behind the scene. One such artist who’s still on a journey of self-discovery, musically and otherwise, is young muso Annastasia Nicol.

Annastasia will be making a musical debut as a feature alongside rapper Tre, on his forthcoming single Enough which drops on June 30th 2016. You can check out the Press Release video for the enough single, via the Tre Youtube Channel.

The young singer, who’s still in high school and looking to break in the industry, granted Lavatory Records an exclusive interview. She discussed her decision to pursue music, future career plans, working with Tre, and a little bit of this and that.

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Big Will’s 816 Radio Mix : Volume 1 (Hosted by Studio 816)


Big Will from Studio 816 has compiled the first volume of the Street Creed Radio Mix. Big Will who is a radio presenter based out in Kansas City, Missouri – afforded Lavatory Records and interview to learn more about him and the Street Cred series.

Be on the lookout for the interview with Big Will in the next few weeks. Till then you can stream and enjoy the Street Cred Radio Mix Volume 1.


Revivolution release their “Kotas N Caviar” mixtape!

Lavatory Records

Slated for a release on Youth Day (June 16) out in South Africa, The Revivolution clique have released their much anticipated mixtape entitled Kotas N Caviar a little earlier than expected. 

Revivolution is no stranger here on the Lavatory Records platform as we have profiled members such as ImproPoe, Inferno Williams, Tony Dangler and Tommy Ills as the most recent feature.

Make sure you get that Kotas N Caviar album which is available for free download.


KING//HER announces being Brand Ambassador for Qualito Vodka on Slayed Selections Episode 10

Lavatory Records

With the proud announcement of her Qualito Vodka Endorsement, Techno, TechHouse and Minimal Tech DJ KING//HER has “dropped a dime” on Slayed Selections Episode 10.

The first lady and queen (who is called KING) of the Beast Mode squad had this to say of her important announcement:

” KING//HER Slayed Selections Episode 10 is absolutely banging. TechHouse Warehouse Madness. THE KING HAS OFFICIALLY BECOME A BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR “QUALITO VODKA SOUTH AFRICA”.

For more details on Qualito Vodka, please check out @officialkingher on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, join the KING//HER FAN CLUB (for details on upcoming events and Qualito Vodka discounts). ‪#‎kingherfanclub‬‪#‎kingherslayed‬ ‪#‎qualitovodkasouthafrica‬ ” – Taken from the KING//HER Facebook page.

Make sure you check out the all historic Slayed Selections Episode 10  for free streaming. Also don’t forget to check out the rest of the Slayed Selections Episodes

Chron Burgundy is back with “SlumLxrd”

Lavatory Records

A year after releasing his sophomore mixtape titled Play By The Rules, Chron Burgundy is back in 2016 with a brand new single SlumLxrd available for free download and streaming. 

A build up single, before unleashing new material off the upcoming EP New Rap City with Run JHB co-founder HuckFinn.

As usual, expect a barrage of rhyme schemes, punchlines & metaphors from the rapper who proudly represents Johannesburg, South Africa.