KING//HER announces being Brand Ambassador for Qualito Vodka on Slayed Selections Episode 10

Lavatory Records

With the proud announcement of her Qualito Vodka Endorsement, Techno, TechHouse and Minimal Tech DJ KING//HER has “dropped a dime” on Slayed Selections Episode 10.

The first lady and queen (who is called KING) of the Beast Mode squad had this to say of her important announcement:

” KING//HER Slayed Selections Episode 10 is absolutely banging. TechHouse Warehouse Madness. THE KING HAS OFFICIALLY BECOME A BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR “QUALITO VODKA SOUTH AFRICA”.

For more details on Qualito Vodka, please check out @officialkingher on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, join the KING//HER FAN CLUB (for details on upcoming events and Qualito Vodka discounts). ‪#‎kingherfanclub‬‪#‎kingherslayed‬ ‪#‎qualitovodkasouthafrica‬ ” – Taken from the KING//HER Facebook page.

Make sure you check out the all historic Slayed Selections Episode 10  for free streaming. Also don’t forget to check out the rest of the Slayed Selections Episodes


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