Tre has “Enough”!

Lavatory Records

The music business is one of the toughest industries to make it in. It can bring you down to the point of self-doubt and second-guessing yourself in the face of constant rejection and disappointments. If its not dealing with with extraneous and unforeseen setbacks, there’s betrayal and back-stabbings from industry folk who are always looking to short change artists, while posing as friends and people who are supposed to help. This is what prompted ‘punk rapper’, Tre, from Pretoria (originally from Cape Town) to pen the track Enough, which features up and coming vocalist Annastasia Nicol (who was interviewed by us last month).

Enough is a musical interpretation of that moment when one has that final straw break and turns their back on all the naysayers, and says forget them all! Their opinions mean nothing, you will do what you have to do to keep your dream alive. The song has a heavy symphony-like lead by a violin melody, supported by an electronic backdrop which will not be out of place at a Trance themed music festival. This showcases how Tre as an artist is willing to break barriers and incorporate a vast amount of sounds, in order to achieve what is destined for him despite the hardships along the way. In one’s journey, trying a multitude of things before getting it right is vital. It hardly ever happens that somebody who achieves anything great gets it right at the first time of asking.

For one so young, Tre has been at it for 8 years and has decided to update the formula of his rather tenured music career. Since bursting on the music scene at a tender age, Tre has released three studio mixtapes, Up and Coming in late 2012, Return of Tre in 2013 and Tre Day on the 5th of April 2014. His latest album called Get Up: All City Toy is expected to release in the latter half 2016. At the moment the single Enough is a stand alone project that serves as a prelude to the Get Up: All City Toy album release.

If there’s ever a time one can say enough and not mean that they are quitting – Tre has been able to put a new spin on that. Like his idol Eminem made “Fight Music” popular, he may have just coined the term “Fight Back Music” with this record. 

Enough is available for free download on Audiomack. Check out Tre’s official website to for his other music. 


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