KING//HER turns “Drill Sergeant” on Slayed Selections Episode 13


The Slayed Selections series has turned up a notch on the Slayed Selections Episode 13 that is military style and full on guerrilla warfare. This is for the hardcore dance fans, where once again KING//HER stepped out of her comfort zone and delved into big room, carnival style EDM. 

The mantra of the week with Slayed Selections Episode 13..THIS MEANS WAR!

“Let’s just say I have stepped out of my comfort zone with this one, July is all about going HAM!!!!! yeah I mainly play Techno and TechHouse but this was something I had to do.
July is all about the mad hustle!

This mix is brought to you by **Qualito Craft Distilled Vodka**, for more information on getting “perks” ‪#‎kingherfanclub‬ ‪#‎qualitovodkasouthafrica‬‪#‎kingherslayed‬ ” – KING//HER

Don’t forget to check out the earlier installments of the Slayed Selections Episodes. If you want to know even more about her, then you can read the interview with KING//HER from March in 2016.


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