Slayed Selections Sweet 16 by KING//HER!



Lavatory Records

What does a princess want for HER sixteenth? To become KING one day – which is the mantra of the ultra productive Techno/TechHouse queen named KING//HER! This time she ends her experimental month of the Slayed Selections July with Slayed Selections Episode 16, which is available for free download on Audiomack.


KING//HER has this exciting announcement on her Facebook Page:

“KING//HER Slayed Selections Episode 16 Sums up July’s Electro Experience, bringing you 2016 Bangers, and introducing a new season of upcoming Tech Mixes and “X-Files” Series starting in August! ‪#‎kingherslayed‬ ‪#‎kingherfanclub‬ ‪#‎qualitovodkasouthafrica‬

Brought to you by Qualito Craft Distilled Vodka – South Africa” – KING//HER

Stay tuned for more information on the “X-Filez” Episodes. Don’t forget to check out the earlier installments of the Slayed Selections Episodes. If you want to know even more about her, then you can read the interview with KING//HER from March in 2016.

The Slayed Selections Episodes are proudly brought to you by Qualito Vodka.




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