Areas and shades of Nikko Grey

Lavatory Records

In this current climate of over-saturation, rappers are a dime a dozen and a commonality. So, the question becomes, how does one rapper differentiate themselves from the next? One may look at subject matter, where for some it is about the ostentatious lifestyle and living it up as a dream; and while for others it may be about their current reality and delving deeper into that. There are a lot of facets one can look at, to find ways to either fit in or go against the grain.

For Nikko Grey, “towing the line” is something he embodies. This US rapper comes across as very light-hearted, yet also has medical science ambitions – which shows a seriousness to him. So, for Nikko, the “areas of Grey” could either be about finding a balance, or be willing to mix up different elements (which is something he may have to embrace during his career).

We quizzed Nikko about his coming to being, his ambitions and what he has in store for music lovers among other things.

Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records: Describe Nikko Grey to the world?

Nikko Grey: I am culture. I am polarizing. If there was a definition for pushing the bar, I would be named that. But nah lol. I am really a homebody who is exceptionally talented at expressing hisself through 808’s dark synth melodies…hey you asked!

LR: When and how did you discover your passion for your music?

NG: I would have to give that all to my brother. He has serious production skills, as well as rap. I grew up watched how all his friends respected him for his production and rap skills. We had an old CD player that he would get faded and keep looping parts of the song he liked. That s**t just use to intrigue me. Then I started rapping in high school before football games and bus rides. And before you know it everybody would be like “Giz kick some s**t”, that’s when I discovered my passion.


LR: How would you describe your sound/music? 

NG: If Bump J, Jadakiss and Drake had s*x with a woman and somehow
magically got her pregnant. I would be that baby. That’s what my music sounds like to me.

LR: Which artists would you credit as your primary influences?

NG: Jimi Hendrix, Jadakiss, Common and Andre 3000 would be my primary influences.

Lavatory Records

LR: What has your experience of the music industry been like so far?

NG: Man to be honest up and down. I mean the small fan base that I do have has been rocking with me since I started. If I don’t get any further, I’m cool with that. It ain’t for everybody, as long as the culture know I’m dope, I’m cool with that.

LR: Which artists would you like to collaborate with if the opportunity were to present itself?

NG: I would love to do songs with the people that’s not scared to die over this sh**. Music is life and these new Mfs don’t value it the same. But for the most part I would like to collab with T.I. Jay Z, Fabolous – yeah definitely Fabolous first. And Kanye for the most part. I believe Kanye, Big Sean and I can go crazy on some sh**.

LR: What is a day in the life of Nikko Grey typically like?

NG: The life of Nikko is simple, I got a normal 9 to 5. But when I get done with that I’m usually writing music for other people (for the bread to be honest)…  I’m a plain Joe!

Lavatory Records

LR: Which places on the map would you like to tour that are considered out of the ordinary?

NG: I would just like to be on tour. Doesn’t matter where. I really would just like to be on tour Facetiming Mfs, keeping them involved…

LR: Apart from the music, what else are you into?

NG: I’m into physical therapy pretty tough. I have a creepy infatuation with torn ACL’s and the rehabilitation of them. So after it’s all said and done, I’m going back to school to be a physical therapist.

LR: Which artists/ records are you listening to at the moment?

NG: I been listening to a lot of TY Money Lately. He from the crib. A couple uzi vert songs on repeat. A lot of Yung Pappy… he from the crib. I mess with the boa Skooly too! That’s what I been listening to!

LR: Do you have any projects lined up that you’d like to share with us?

NG: Yea I got a ton of music I can release. When I do get it together… #BlackHedgeFund will be dropping sometime this year.

LR: Are there any special mentions you wanna shout out?

NG: Yeah I do! S/O to the real and the people that generally rock with being progressive. S/O to that caucasian lady who stole Michelle Obama whole Speech/Verse….She’s a Savage.

Shouts to Nikko Grey for speaking with us. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and on SoundCloud.

Lavatory Records


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