The MAD album by Tre (discussion)

Lavatory Records

A number of people may remember a publication from some decades ago, called MAD magazine. Started in the 1950s, the publication was known for its satirical approach to societal issues, chiefly the earlier adaptation of the entertainment industry through parodies. It is from this point of departure that we analyse the concept to Tre’s forthcoming release, therefore posing the question: has Tre gone Mad?

Given the nature of the business, which inspired Tre’s next single Industry Blues, which is about all the struggles that he’s had in his music career that can drive one to madness. In contrast to MAD magazine, that always exposed the facade and fake lifestyle of the industry in a humorous way; there however isn’t much to laugh about when it comes to Tre’s story. Betrayal, backstabbing, empty promises, long waits, sleepless nights and dealing with all kinds of inner demons. The industry trappings and temptations are always abound – whether you give in or fight against them, it’s always a personal wrestling contest. The industry is not all glitz and glamour. There is a dark side – something many have known since the 1970’s, during a time when the phrase “sex, drugs, and rock-&-roll” was coined. With this being said, it leads to another question: was Tre already mad to have even embarked on getting into this industry?

M.A.D New Logo.png

Not only has the industry been laced with social ills that it’s become synonymous with, the music industry has been in a slump for a while and even more unstable as a career. Born as Brandon Harrison – one may need to look into the mindset of the young man for even taking on this character called Tre. To go through this mental voyage knowing how dim the prospects of “making it” seem to be, perhaps takes a level of madness to garner the strength to endure the rigours of the road ahead. Once again, another question arises: who will tell the MAD story best? Is it Tre or Brandon?

Lavatory Records will be speaking to Tre about the album, MAD, and a host other related myriad of tales. To know more about the MAD album, you can check out Tre’s official blog and the MAD teaser trailers on the Tre Channel. Be on the lookout for the interview with Tre… or is it with Brandon? In the mean time make sure you check out Tre’s website.

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