Has Tre gone MAD??

Lavatory Records

Tre is back in the building with an exclusive interview! Following our special feature on the M.A.D album discussion and press release, we take a closer look at what fans can expect from the album and the concept behind it. Tre also discusses the happenings of the past year, as well as putting your minds to ease on the rumour that TNT Productions have been working on several other collaborations. We also FINALLY get the answer to that all important question that’s been on everyone’s mind, has Tre officially gone “MAD”?

Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records: Great to have you back for another interview Tre. How has the past year been since Lavatory Records last spoke to you?

Tre: It’s good to be back. Thanks again for giving me another interview. Well it’s been a long year I won’t lie, a lot has been happening in my work and personal life.

LR: We know you have a new project due out, titled M.A.D. Tell us what is your state of mind regarding the project? Are you “mad” at someone or something?

Tre: Well yes and no. Due to all the stuff that has happened over the past year, and as well as my time in the music industry, it’s just starting to take its toll on me. This new project has me point out a couple of these issues and as well as explain a bit about what it’s truly like to be a part of this industry. Fun as it may be, there is stuff and things that happen in it, that I myself ain’t too proud to say I’ve been a part of and involved with. I did it with the best intentions in mind. But this project is to just have a say and point it all out to my fans for the reasons behind everything.

LR: What makes M.A.D different from your other projects?

Tre: Basically this is my attempt to give optional story outcomes to the listener’s choice. I’m attempting to achieve a ‘pick and choose’ story baseline, where the listeners choose what they want as they progress through the songs’ storyline and the full story of “M.A.D”. Each song represents a part of the album’s storyline. It does sound very complicated I know, HELL even I’m confused just trying to explain it! Don’t even get me started on the planning of the bladdy thing! I just have papers piled up and stacked on the walls of just only the planning. I still have a nice piled up heap of rhymes and songs I’ve created….and that’s even a smaller pile than the planning of it.

LR: Your recent single, ‘Enough’, features Annastasia Nicol (she’s got a brilliant voice by the way). Are we going to hear more of her sweet vocals on this album? Are there any other features on this project?

Tre: Oh most definitely, I have a lot of ideas planned out for that girl on this album, so expect to hear a lot from her.

LR: We understand that the album is only coming out in 2017. Why choose to release it then instead of this year?

Tre: I was supposed to release it this year, but due to it taking a lot more work than originally intended, I changed it half-way through the hype and advertising process. Although M.A.D is only due out in 2017, that doesn’t mean I will not be releasing any music. The “Get Up: All City Toy” project that originally was intended for 2015 will be released in December under new management, by Thato Keikelame (Lavatory Records).

LR: At some point last year you had plans to launch the M.A.D House label. What happened to those plans?

Tre: Killed the project. Due to a lot of technical difficulties I had to scrap the entire project. However, if there’s someone who feels they can help me kick-start the campaign again I’m open to doing it; but it will take some time. Otherwise it will just be another one of those ideas that I feel wouldn’t live up to the expectations I set for it at this point.

LR: As you’ve mentioned that the ‘Get Up’ mixtape will be out in December of this year. What can people expect from that project?

Tre: What they can expect is exactly what I had envisioned for it when I first wanted to release, the only thing that’s changed on it is my opinion of it. If I could I would put my view on things more bluntly like I have done with M.A.D but I don’t want to mess up the plan as a whole on both projects I’ve worked on.

Lavatory Records

LR: Rumour has it that your label, TNT Productions, is working on collaboration projects. What can you tell us about that?

Tre: Due to signing a disclaimer agreement I’m not legally allowed to disclose too much on the matter at the moment, but I will have more information about that in time. But what I can say is that TnT Productions has been working on some collaboration projects… so that rumour is true!

LR: Now back to the million dollar question: Has Tre officially gone mad?

Tre: Yes. I am MAD and I’ve gone MAD. This industry and the people who have used and abused me have truly made me lose it. I’ve had enough… of the fake friends, fake co-workers, everything and everyone… I’m done… ever since I tried trusting people again… it seems to have done nothing but make my life more difficult! I’ve lost enough to this industry and by these people… guess my mind is another thing I’ve lost in the process.

Lavatory Records

LR: Do you have any special mentions you want to shout out now?

Tre: Right now, only my team: KING//HER, my manager – Thato, and Annastasia Nicol. The only people I feel I can still trust in this industry.

It’s been a pleasure chatting to Tre and having him back on this platform again! To keep up with Tre’s movements follow him on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to the Tre Channel on YouTube. You can also listen to all his music via his website

By Ncita Delport


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