Paul Marks to headline at the Fun In The Sun 2016 event in Hazelmere Dam, Kwazulu-Natal

Catch British Nu Disco and Funky House DJ ; Paul Marks  on the main stage- at the Fun in the Sun 2016 event at Hazelmere Dam in Tongaat, Kwazulu Natal.
If you haven’t yet read up on Paul Marks, you  can read our interview with him from earlier this month.
Fun in the Sun 2016 will be on the 1st of October of 2016. Tickets are available at fitsfest and computicket. Check out the event page for more details on Facebook.

——————— LINE UP ——————–


12 : 00 – DJ Z
01 : 00 – Paul Marks (Uk)...
02 : 00 – Dave Unger
03 : 00 – Rogue
04 : 00 – Chris Taylor (CT)
05 : 00 – Msisi James
06 : 00 – Hendrik Joerges
07 : 00 – Max Hurrel
08 : 00 – MIKE WILLIAMS (Netherlands)
09 : 00 – Mat OD x Digital Kaos
10 : 00 – Ryan james x Mark Crundwell
11 : 00 – Syzo
12 : 00 – Hart
01 : 00 – Alex M
02 : 00 – Huckfinn
03 : 00 – George




KING//HER gives us X-Files Episode 04

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X-Files Episode 04 is here and proudly brought by who else? none other than the queen of Techn/TechHouse who is known and crowned as KING//HER !

While we await season 2 of Slayed Selections which has been converted into a podcast, you can listen to the first three installments of the X-Files series.  #KingHerSlayed #TheJourney





X-Files Episode 03 by KING//HER



Lavatory Records

Carrying on with the warehouse Dark Tech theme, our girl the ever sultry Techno/TechHouse DJ: KING//HER brings us X-Files Episode 03 which is available on Mixcloud for free streaming. You can also download  X-Files Episode 03  for free via Audiomack!


Also keep it on lock over here for Slayed Selections season 2, which will be coming to you soon! #KingHerSlayed #NoTimeForGames #ContentIsKingHer

French emcee Djamben from the Eighty-Eight Music label dreams big!

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It is quite something special to find a young emcee who knows exactly what he wants from life! In this era, many people choose to conform just so they can “fit in”. Djamben is a French rapper, and stable mate to Yonea at Eighty-Eight Music.

At just 18 years old, Djamben is already in the process of recording his third album, and is looking to adding to his expertise by acquiring smarts and enhancing his skills through formal tertiary education. Lavatory Records had the opportunity to speak to this ambitious young man about his aspirations and much more.

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KING//HER goes darker on X-Files Episode 02…


This week KING//HER delves more into the Dark Techno vibe to give us all us some serious chills on X-Files Episode 02. Mix is available on for streaming purposes on Mixcloud.

X-Files Episode 02 is also available  on Audiomack for free download and streaming.


Stay tuned for Season 2 of Slayed Selections, which has now been converted into a podcast show!

#KingHerSlayed #NoTimeForGames


KING//HER brings us X-Files Episode 01: The new Techno, Tech House and Minimal Tech series!

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After bringing Slayed Selections season one to a close, KING//HER recently unveiled her new Techno, Tech House and Minimal series of mixes to replace the old Slayed Selections format called X Files. X-Files Episode 01 is available for streaming on Mixcloud.

You can download also X-Files Episode 01 for free on Audiomack.

Slayed Selections Season 2: The Journey will be coming to you soon, you don’t want to miss out on that new format and podcast

Christian battle sensation A. Ward makes his SLAP Battles debut vs. 3PFD in “Holding On vs. Giving Up” AKA the battle to persevere

Lavatory RecordsPITTSBURGH, PA… August 27, 2016… Over the last year, A. Ward has made a lot of noise as one of a few Christian Hip-Hop artists to enter the world of secular battle rap.  He has had some of the best performances of the year, including a battle vs. Saint Mic that has been labeled as a battle of the year contender by many top sites in the battle rap world. Off the strength of these performances he earned an invitation to King of the Dot’s (one of the world’s biggest battle rap leagues) biggest card of the year, World Domination 6.

Before that trip, he joined us in Pittsburgh to battle SLAP Battles (Showing Love Applying Pressure) Co-President 3PFD in “Holding On vs. Giving Up” aka “The Battle to Persevere”.  This concept battle took on hard hitting topics of mental illness, depression, suicide, racial tension, and more, all in an attempt to create dialogue and provide hope and Godly solutions to the listeners. Each round was neck and neck, and it showed through the art of battle rap how real this struggle is.

The struggle was particularly real for both 3PFD and A. Ward. 3PFD said of the battle, “I wrestle with anxiety and feeling hopeless at times, so “Giving Up” isn’t just a battle rap opponent. It’s something I face in real life. Doing this battle helped me to express my thoughts and worries related to it and to take a new perspective in order to bring hope into it. The underlying theme of this event was “Hope Rises”, and I hope that I was able to deliver hope to whoever views this battle.”

People in the building were excited as well. Fellow SLAP Battler Brasi said, “This was one of the best battles to go down on SLAP. Point Blank, Period. Great performances from both battlers. Solid content. You can feel the emotions they both had behind their rounds. You can watch over and over again and still be just as entertained as the first time. God used them both in an amazing way.” Fellow headliner Zach Is Nobody also said, “Holding On vs Giving Up is probably the best complete battle we’ve had on SLAP. Bars, content, rebuttals, etc. They both had it all! And the content verses were on point too! After the battle people were saying God spoke to them through it. Praise Jesus!”

You can see the battle here:

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About SLAP Battles:
The concept for SLAP., which stands for “Showing Love, Applying Pressure,” was the brain child of Everette “Pop” Moore of the JustHis League. As opposed to the traditional rap battle, which pits two opponents against each other in a verbal boxing match to prove who the superior MC is, SLAP requires that MCs adopt a character that represents either a vice or a virtue. Then, in a lyrical clash of punch lines, metaphors, bars, and hard hitting a-capella rap, SLAP. brings the same intense entertainment value of battle rap that fans love. In addition, SLAP presents truth and life lessons through the themes of the battles.

“SLAP Battles is a powerful platform, not only are you getting crazy dope lyrics, but bringing perspectives on topics that otherwise may never be seen. SLAP is giving voice to topics that people think on and may be afraid to speak about. SLAP tackles those issues with creativity and purpose.” – Phresh, President of the JustHis League and Hip-Hop Artist

Paul “Marks” his sets by working it out as a DJ!

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Paul Marks is a DJ who specialises in Nu Disco and Funky House, which are sub-niches of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Originally from the UK (United Kingdom) and now based in South Africa, Paul is one individual who’s lived the club and festival culture associated with EDM.

As a fitness enthusiast, his exposure to EDM is further enhanced during his workout sets, away from playing his DJ sets. We had the pleasure of interviewing this family man and he opened up to us about his passion for music and his journey as a DJ thus far.

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