Slayed Selections Season 2 : The Journey by KING//HER (press release)


Lavatory Records

Before a king has to ascend to his throne and claims his rightful place as ruler of the kingdom, it is assumed to have been a way that is already paved! Being king is a birthright and granted as being heir in order to don the crown. However for a female Techno DJ who dared to call herself KING as part of HER name, the crown of thorns is one that symbolises being  what it is like to be KING//HER.

Lavatory Records

The journey that started with Season One of Slayed Selections which was recently wrapped up at Episode 20. The Slayed Selection series was one which encapsulated a series of tribulations, including honing her sound while etching her own path of discovery. This what the journey entails: paying dues, long waits and SLAYING opposition forces through mastery of her weapon of choice: her DJing set. In a male dominated industry, earning a reputation and garnering respect comes after much censure and constant pelting of criticism. Self doubt and insecurity as a result of uncertainty naturally comes with it. To embark on the road towards destiny is where KING//HER has had pay the ultimate price and literally; face the music and become the FACE of music.

Lavatory Records

It is thus that Slayed Selections Season 2 as a podcast will showcase the diary entries of KING//HER, while playlisting various genres that has inspired her along her journey. Lookout for features from special guests. For her hardcore Techno/TechHouse/Minimal fans – she has prepared the X-Filez series which has replaced the old season one  format of Slayed Selections.  The X-Filez series is launching on Monday the 5th of September, 2016.

The true making of a king is where comfort zones of the individual are tested: respect is earned not given!

#KingHerSlayed #SlayedSelections #TheJourney

Lavatory Records


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