Paul “Marks” his sets by working it out as a DJ!

Lavatory Records

Paul Marks is a DJ who specialises in Nu Disco and Funky House, which are sub-niches of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Originally from the UK (United Kingdom) and now based in South Africa, Paul is one individual who’s lived the club and festival culture associated with EDM.

As a fitness enthusiast, his exposure to EDM is further enhanced during his workout sets, away from playing his DJ sets. We had the pleasure of interviewing this family man and he opened up to us about his passion for music and his journey as a DJ thus far.

Lavatory Records: Describe Paul Marks as a person and a DJ?

Paul Marks: As a person I would say I’m an easy going guy who loves a good party. As a DJ I would like to say I make the dance floor smile and groove.

LR: When did you start DJ-ing, and what made you fall in love with it?

PM: I’ve been in and out of clubs for over 20 years, growing up listening to the pioneers of the U.K dance scene from the early 90s. I’ve also spent my summer months on the party island of Ibiza for many years. I started to take DJ-ing seriously when I moved to South Africa a few years ago.

LR: What kind of music do you play and why?

PM: I love to play funky house with nice deep basslines inspired from the disco era of the 70s and melodic piano riffs.

LR: Do you listen to the same stuff you play even when the DJ hat is off?

PM: I listen to all sorts of genres as this inspires me to play tracks that are not widely recognised in the South African club scene.

LR: Who are your favourite artists?

PM: I absolutely love Craziba, they have been around for years and their sound is just too cool for words. An artist from Croatia named Toris Badic and another artist from Scotland Red Rogue, both of whom have guided me musically to the sound I play today.

LR: Which individuals have been major influences in your DJ-ing career?

PM: Growing up in the U.K and being active in the scene for many years, an absolute legend of house music Jeremy Healy was an idol and friend. The way he could get the club jumping with his euphoric beats was like nothing I’ve experienced for many years.

LR: Name some artists you’d like to work with and why?

PM: It would have to be Crazibiza and Jerome Robins of Jungle Funk Recordings who produces and remixes the funkiest tracks.

LR: What’s your take on the barriers of entry into the EDM/DJing scene in South Africa?

PM: I think it is getting more difficult to get promoters to notice you if you’re not in the club every night. I definitely think there is too much talent going unnoticed with many promoters not willing to take risks on different sounds.

Lavatory Records

LR: Do you have any upcoming projects and events you want the masses to know about?

PM: I shall be playing at Durban’s massive Fun In The Sun event in October which is always an amazing weekend.

LR: Name three things you’d like people to know about you apart from the music?

PM: I’m a tattoo addict, fitness addict, and subscribe to great family values.

LR: Any special shout outs?

PM: My mentor Ryan James, who without his guidance my love of music would be confined to the studio.

We thank Paul Marks for taking time out to speak with us. To keep up with him, you can follow him on SoundCloud, where you can stream and enjoy his August Mix, July Festival Mix and Funky April.


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