French rapper Alouatta doing it all his way

Lavatory Records

French dungeon rapper, Aloutta , is from the Eighty-Eight Music label and stable mates with the likes of Yonea and Djamben. Interestingly, Alouatta (as a rapper) is a bit of an odd ball, considering the even numbered figures of his label. For all his virtue in thriving for simplicty, it can create complexity in this industry that is renowned for placing artists in a specific category or a box! One can also look at the point of departure of the man as rather peculiar, as he is not quite a music fan, but a fan of making music.

In this interview we had the chance to tap into his mind, and discovered what motivates him, his views and other things. Read on and make up your own mind, see if you can figure him out! Also you can check out his latest music video for his single Face Cachee.


Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records: Who is Alouatta?

Alouatta: I’m a rapper, born in 1986 in North of France. I’m also a father of thre children. Like many people, I’m someone who thinks about the future, always concerned about what‘s going to happen with the next generations.

LR: When did you get into music?

Alouatta: I started with percussions when I was 8 years old where I drummed on the back of a plastic guitar, then on a MC808 (Rhythm box) and a Kaos Pad 3 (looper effects), which I use sometimes for my own productions.

Then 4 years ago, after experiencing some life problems I wanted to speak about this experience to alleviate my angst. Just like a personal diary, I decided to take a piece of paper and started to write my own songs.

LR: Describe your style of music:

Alouatta: These days I’m on a conscious theme, where I speak about everything – you, me, us, and them…

That explains my own perception of seeing things without a filter. When you’re censored, then there is not pleasure in making music.

LR: Who where your favorites musicians while growing up?

Aloutta: I wasn’t a big fan of music when I was young. I listened to it sometimes… but rap isn’t a thing which I liked from the beginning, you know. 

LR: How did you join the Eighty-Eight Music label?

Aloutta: haha (ahem)… how can I say this? Maybe let Yonea explain that!! Lol, just joking!

Yonea had discussed his idea of building up a music label with a mutual friend of ours. So our friend told him about me, that I made raps and I was talented. Yonea then asked this friend to tell me to get in touch. However, I didn’t, but fortunately Yonea took it upon himself to initiate contact with me.

We the spoke about music…ideas and life. We established a real friendly relation between ourselves! We both share the same vision of life and my tracks gave him the chills. As a result, he welcomed me into his squad.

Lavatory Records

Yonea (left) and Alouatta (right)

LR: What has your experience of the music industry in France been like?

Alouatta: Let’s see… concerts in my shower, recitations in my head… and a world champion of beat box when I’m bored lol. Just kidding!

I haven’t had enough experience and public exposure to answer this question, as I’m yet to blow up…

LR: When can people expect new music from you?

Alouatta: I also have some tracks which are ready for release, and shot my first video which is to be releases soon last month.

Maybe we’ll release an EP soon as a surprise, who knows? But wait, we’re not in a hurry!

LR: Apart from music, what else tickles your fancy?

Alouatta: Breathing and living!

My children, my family and playing video games with my friends.

I’m a simple person and this is enough for me. I don’t need have material things to be happy.

LR: Where do you envision yourself as an artist in 3-5 years’ time?

Alouatta: I’m thinking about an album under my belt along with some videos with that! Perhaps even some concerts… we will see how things take off for me in this industry. If I still get a lot of pleasure from making music I’ll continue, otherwise it’s useless!

Lavatory Records

LR: Are there any people you want to shout out?

Alouatta: I would shout out Yoann Michel aka Yonea for his support since the beginning. Shout out to my wife who supports me despite her worry over my choice of career!

To everybody who supports me and has worked on some of my projects, Lavatory Records (Thato Keikelame) for this interview.

And shout out to all those rappers who make real s**t! Thanks for making me laugh a lot!! lol.

Lavatory Records

Thanks to Alouatta for taking time to speak with us. If you would like to keep up with his moves, follow him on Facebook , SoundCloud and YouTube.

You can also follow the Eighty-Eight Music label on Facebook to keep up with what’s fresh on their side.

Don’t forget to watch his latest video Face Cachee


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